Curiouser and Curiouser. Three new packs for RPG Maker MV!

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Greetings RPG Maker fans!

Today, we are taking a trip down the rabbit hole with a new tileset and two new music packs! Let’s take a look at where the path leads us.


First up, we have the Wonderland Forest Tileset from Sherman3D!

A whimsical trip to a land inspired by the works of Lewis Caroll, Giant mushrooms, card soldiers, everything you need to show how mad your game has become. In fact, your game is entirely bonkers.

But I’ll tell you a secret: All the best games are.


And as your game descends into madness, you will, of course, need some music to carry it along.

Composed by Murray Atkinson, the Wonderland Music Pack contains 12 songs inspired by magic and whimsy.

Be sure to check the samples on the RPG Maker Web store. You can buy the pack there, or on Steam! (VX Ace)


Not everything is whimsy and fun. Sometimes, things get deadly serious. And for that, you might need the driving power of the new Cinematic Drums pack! From Bittersweet Entertainment these drum rhythms will bring an epic power to your scenes.

Listen to samples on the RPG Maker Web Store, and purchase there or on Steam! (VX Ace)

Find the resources you need to make your game all that it can be, on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

Good luck with your games everyone!

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