Frontier Works Futuristic Heros and BGM for RPG Maker MV

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Previously made for RPG Maker VX Ace, the Futuristic Heroes & BGM Resource Pack has been one of our most popular packs.

Frontier Works is proud to present Futuristic Heroes & BGM MV — a new resource pack with material that has been re-mastered and redefined specifically for use in RPG Maker MV. Featuring the familiar characters in standard RPG Maker MV style, this new pack gives you the opportunity to bring more futuristic flair in your projects.


Already own the VX Ace version of Futureistic Heroes & BGM? Then receive 50% off on the MV version on the RPGMakerWeb Store or on Steam through September 12th!


Haven’t picked up the VX Ace pack? Then use the coupon code fm-mv10 to get 10% off the purchase through the RPGMakerWeb Store. (Offer ends August 20th)


Don’t delay, get this excellent pack from Frontier Works today! Head over to our store to learn more!

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