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Hello fellow game devs,

Do you ever feel that manly manliness is not enough to carry your RPG? Do you ever feel you need something, more? Then do we have the thing for you:


Available now on the RPG Maker Web Store, the Heroine Character Generator Pack!

This pack includes a ton of new pieces for the RPG Maker MV’s built in Character Generator, focused exclusively on female protagonists (or really pretty male protagonists), with:

  • 20 new outfits
  • 10 new pairs of eyes
  • 4 new front hair styles
  • 4 new back hair styles

With these additions, millions of new combinations are available for your Heroines! Bring variety to the look of your heroines with Heroine Character Generator today!

Also, a new addition to our RPG Maker MV Steam DLC: the classic and beautiful Rebel Rapture Music Pack!


27 music themes from Murray Atkinson that bring the power of voice and orchestra to your game. The perfect music to accompany your holy sites or even a boss battle.

What will you do with these packs? What do you want to see released in the future? Tell us in the comments below!

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