Humble RPG Maker Bundle! Last Chance, Ending Tomorrow!

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Right now, you can get a massive deal on just about everything RPG Maker over on Humble Bundle, but that deal is running out fast! You have just one day left to get a whole lot of RPG Maker, for not a whole lot of dough! Every gamer has dreamed of making their own game, and with this Bundle, they get a massive head start. So buy one for yourself, or maybe buy one for a friend or family member.

So what is included in The Humble RPG Maker Bundle?


First, how about EVERY RPG MAKER VERSION ever released. 2000, 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, no matter which is your preferred maker, you’ll have it. And remember, you have the license to use any RPG Maker resource in any other RPG Maker! MV may be the latest and most powerful version, but a lot of the older editions are still fan favorites of the RPG Maker community! Whether you prefer the simplicity of RPG Maker 2k3, the artstyle of RPG Maker XP, or the Javascript Plugins of RPG Maker MV, you’ll have the RPG Maker for you.


A ton of RPG Maker VX Ace and MV DLC. So much I don’t want to even count it. Each of these 5 main packs offered in the Bundle contains multiple DLC, with resources mixed among music, sprites, tilesets, and more! In addition, we are throwing in an exclusive RPG Maker DLC just for the Humble Bundle! With all these resources to play with, you should have a great jumping off point for any game you want to make!


And remember: Every sale of the Humble RPG Maker Software Bundle makes the Indie Game Maker Contest prize pool grow! And you still have time to join! Make a game and enter before November 5th! Even if you don’t win, don’t you want to be able to say you’ve made a game?

The seconds are counting down on the Humble RPG Maker Bundle, so don’t delay, pick it up today! Because wants it hits 1pm (PDT) tomorrow, it will be too late.

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