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Hi there,
We’ve just launched a new iOS app called “RPG Creator”. Like RPG Maker, it’s a tool designed to help you easily create RPG’s. Check out the launch trailer below.

RPG Creator is a completely separate product from the RPG Maker series for PC, with a different development team (and company).

We believe that in the future, RPG Making should be a fluid experience. In the experience we dream of, you would be able to start a project on your PC, draw maps and event on your tablet, record sound effects or voice acting lines on your phone and then bring it all together on your PC again to finish up and send out to every platform. This is the first step towards that goal.

If RPG Creator proves to be popular, we will invest more heavily into it’s development, such as looking at ways of integrating it with RPG Maker as well as creating an Android version.

To help spread the word about RPG Creator, we’ve got a few events going on.

RPG Creator Rebate
RPG Creator is Free to Play (ad supported) but you can also pick up the “Premium” version which has some extra features. As a special thank you to the RPG Maker community, we’ve set up a Rebate. If you purchase the Premium version of RPG Creator, simply forward a copy (or screenshot) of your receipt to and we’ll set you up with a $5 credit for the RPG Maker Web store.

RPG Creator Giveaway
We’re also running a giveaway for the next 2 weeks. There’s iTunes gift cards, RPG Maker Web Store Credit, and Degica Games up for grabs! You can enter below:

RPG Creator Giveaway

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