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When we talk about great maps, we often talk about atmosphere – the way all of your efforts come together and make the player feel like they’re completely immersed in the experience. Atmosphere can be achieved through the use of graphics (from tiles to characters, lighting and fog), as well as music and sound. The right tune can make your map come alive and stick in your player’s mind for a while to come.

Knowing that music can be such a fantastic helper in creating atmosphere, we’ve created a brand new contest that merges music with mapping – altogether promising to create a truly unique experience.


Create an area and set the audio that accompanies it. You can choose any theme for your work. The judges will be looking at how well you’ve mapped your area and how the music and sound contribute to its atmosphere.

The Rules:

  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. You are limited to using RTP, any of the store packs or anything in the Re-Staff or Member+ releases. Your own composition or art is also welcome.
  3. Your area must be 51×39 tiles in size or smaller — this is 1632×1248 pixels, or 9 basic 17×13 maps. You can create the area as one map or a series of maps. If you are creating multiple maps, please limit them to 3.
  4. Your entry should be in a compressed game, without the RTP. If you are using store resources, please make sure your entry is encrypted. If you are using Lite as well as store resources, we know you cannot encrypt, so please send a link to your entry privately to me via pm.
  5. Include a list of credits.
  6. Post your final entry in the contest thread, found here, with the title “Final Entry”.


To help you out with some extra music options, we’re currently running a 40% off sale on 7 of our music packs (click on the image to be taken to the sale page):


The Prize:

  • 3rd place will receive a music pack of their choosing.
  • 2nd place will receive a music pack and graphic pack of their choosing.
  • 1st place will receive a music pack, a graphic pack and RPG Maker (or IGM) of their choosing.


Monday, January 26th and 12:00 EST (GMT 5:00pm)

We hope you’ll have fun and take part in this contest!


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