New on RPG Maker Web: Horror Soundscapes, Matsurigami slave to convention.

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Morning everyone, it’s release day! This week, we are focusing up on catching up the various stores on each other. So instead of new releases, we’re going to be releasing packs that were on Steam on the RPG Maker Web store, and packs that were on the RPG Maker Web store on Steam.

First up, let’s look at the RPG Maker Web additions!


Matsurigami slave to convention features 20 songs that range from creepy dreamscapes to dramatic temple ambience to futuristic cyberpunk. With a flair of Asian and Japanese influences, this pack can add spooky or futuristic vibes to your game with ease. You can find it now on RPG Maker Web here.


26 BGMs made to bring an ambient feel of horror and dread to your game can be yours with Horror Soundscapes! Bring the dark and uneasy feeling of your story to life with this pack, now on RPG Maker Web!

And then we have 3 new additions to Steam’s MV DLCs! Karugamo Fantasy BGM Packs 07 and 08 hit Steam, as well as the Medieval Heroes 1 pack!

BGM7 BGM8 medievalheroes1

In addition, we have our Deal of the Week! This time, be sure to check out Joel Steudler’s Medieval Music Pack for 50% off!

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