New Releases: HammerStrike Pixel Art Animations, Darkness Kingdom

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Welcome everyone to another release day! Let’s get right into the releases, shall we?


First up, we have some retro pixel art style battle animations for RPG Maker MV and VX Ace! With his first RPG Maker pack, HammerStrike has made a array of cool attacks for your retro game: Pulsars, wave attacks, slashes, hypnotic discs, and more!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!


Built up from orchestral instruments, choir, and retro percussion, Ayato Sound Create brings another fantastic new weapon to our music arsenal, with Darkness Kingdom. This pack features 30 tracks designed to give a dark, medieval gothic feel to your game.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

Over on the Steam store news, several of our more recent packs are making the jump to Steam, such as the Spirits of Nature: Enemy Pack!

And for the last bit of release day news, enjoy our Deal of the Week: the 8-Bit Perfect Collection for 40% off until October 18th!



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