RPG Maker Learning Together Sale + Community Event!

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The one thing that you’ll be doing, no matter how long you use RPG Maker, is learning.

Whether you’ve been using the program for 2 months or 2 decades, there are always new bits of info to learn, from the program itself, to coding, to resource creation, to just better game design!

We always stress how important it is to never stop trying to improve your skills, and so we are throwing a giant event to bring the community together in this valuable endeavor.

Welcome to our Learning Together Event!

And to go along with the event, we’ve decided to add in a STORE WIDE SALE from now until noon September 23rd PST!


You can pick up any of our RPG Maker Engines for half off! This is a great time to upgrade to the newest engine, RPG Maker MV, yourself, or perhaps pick it up for a younger family member you can help teach!

Already have all the tools you need. Well don’t worry, you can also pick up the building blocks for your game as well.

All RPG Maker Resource Packs, both graphics and music, are also 30-60% off!


But don’t forget about the event itself! In our community event, you can be one of 10 people to win a $50 RPG Maker Web Store Gift Card!

How do you participate? By Learning and Teaching with your fellow RPG Makers. Make tutorials, help answer questions on how to use the program, ask your own, just talk about game design in our discussion forums… There are tons of ways to get involved.


Even the RPG Maker team is continuing to learn. With our upcoming Visual Novel Maker release getting closer and closer, we’re learning a lot about an entirely different genre of games!

Jump over to the forums and get to work improving your skills, and helping everyone else improve theirs, and in no time, everyone will be a better RPG Maker!

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