RPG Maker MV + Visual Novel Maker Free Weekend!

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Hello, Gamedevs!

Wanted to try out RPG Maker MV before making the jump? Interested in Visual Novel Maker, but didn’t want to buy it without trying it first?

Then this weekend we have the deal for you! Try out RPG Maker, along with the full suite of MV tools, or try out Visual Novel Maker for the whole weekend on Steam, free of charge.

But that isn’t all! If you decide you like either Engine, you can also pick them up on sale! 75% for RPG Maker MV, and 25% on Visual Novel Maker! This way, you can continue making the game that has been locked in your head waiting to get out.

Find out you like both engines?


We still have you covered with our new Maker Series bundle, featuring Visual Novel Maker, VNM Live 2D Support, RPG Maker MV, and all three RPG Maker MV Tools, at an even BIGGER discount!

Trying out Visual Novel Maker? Then please also fill out our Visual Novel Maker Survey!

Now, get to work on your games, we’re looking forward to seeing what you make!

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