RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

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RPG Maker MZ is coming this Summer to the RPG Maker Web Store and Steam, and we know you’ve all been waiting for some real info on RPG Maker MZ. It is time. Let the RPG Make MZ Preview series begin!


We know that everyone wants to get a good look at the new resources available in RPG Maker MZ. Well, we can’t give you a good LOOK quite yet, but you can have a good LISTEN to a sample of the fantastic new music included with the maker. Check out our preview video below!

Time Progress Battle System!

RPG Maker MZ is adding two new options to the standard RPG Maker battle system. Now not only will you be able to switch between Front and Sideview, as you could in previous RPG Makers, but now, you’ll be able to switch between Turn Based, Time Progress (Active) and Time Progress (Wait). What does that mean?

It means you are no longer tied to a rigid turn based system! Every actor and enemy acts at their own speed. For a better look, check out our first RPG Maker MZ Skit video below! (and be on the lookout for some more teased features while you are there…)

Particle Animations!

The animations editor in RPG Maker always worked, but let’s be honest, it was a bit dated. Having to use clunky spritesheets for battle animations, especially with the limitations on the sprite sizes making it difficult to make great looking large effects, was just not very fun, or very versatile.

But that all changes with RPG Maker MZ.

Instead of using sprite sheets, we’re now moving to natively being able to import particle animations! Create your own effects in the powerful and free open source Particle Effect Creation Tool Effekseer

*Frame Rate, resolution, and color quality lowered in creating gif.

…and then take the *.efkefc file created and import it right into your RPG Maker MZ project.

From there you can change the angles, size, and speed of the animation with a few easy clicks in the Database. Layer in the sound effects and any screen or enemy flashes to add that extra little bit of spice, and your animation is done!

*Frame Rate, resolution, and color quality lowered in creating gif.

This new method brings animations to a whole new level. Never before have RPG Maker animations had this much potential and power. How will this evolve your projects?

This week, we’ve debuted the new built in battle systems, the new animations editor, and gave you a preview of the new music. What new treasures await next week? Tune in in 7 days, same time, same place to find out.

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