RPG Maker MZ, Preview #4: Event List, System Tab Options, New UI, Release Date & Price!

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Last week, we looked at the generator, and several ways handling plugins will be enhanced. What’s on the table this week? Several things… but at the end of this preview is the most requested piece of information so far: When does it release, and how much will it cost?

Event List

Hunting down an Event on a busy map? Well it just got easier. When you switch to the Event Layer, the RPG Maker MZ editor now hides the Tilesets and replaces them with the new Event List:

The Event List does exactly what it says on the tin: It lists all of the Events on your current map. You can use this list to easily find an Event on your map, or just to Double Click it and start editing.

New System Tab Options

We’ve heard the questions since the tab was mentioned… What was added to require 2 System Tabs? What extra options will I have for my game? So, let’s explore the new System tabs for options we haven’t talked about yet!


First up in our New System tab options is the ability to toggle Autosave for your game.

Autosave isn’t right for every game, but it is now a default function of RPG Maker MZ! If you want to use it, leave this option clicked. If you prefer to stay with manual saves only in your game, this is where you would turn it off.

Title Screen Command Offset

So you’ve made a beautiful Title Screen, but you realize that the command window isn’t in the right place. Time to redraw the Title Screen I suppose… but wait. What’s this new option?

With the Title Screen Command Window Offset, you can now move the window around to fit into that gorgeous title screen art you made.

Item Categories

So in MV, we allowed you to remove parts of the menu you didn’t use. Don’t have Equips, don’t have an equip screen. But the Item menu would still have all the same categories.

Now you can turn off specific Item Categories in your game. Don’t have Armor? Don’t have it in the Menu!

Advanced Settings

And then we have the Advanced Settings, which include a heavily desired default function for RPG Maker: You can now define the resolution of your game without Plugins!

Easily set your resolution to the desired size, then adjust the UI for the perfect fit. Additionally, the advanced settings also define the fonts for your game, and set what fonts to fallback on if they are missing!

New UI: Mouse & Touchscreen Optimization

MV added mouse support, but the UI never felt like it was optimized for control with a mouse. That changes with MZ.

Every in game menu is now designed for optimal mouse and touchscreen support, with no sacrifice made to Controller functionality. Mouse control no longer feels like an afterthought, but instead, feels like a full option!

Release Date & Price!

But now for the part that everyone has been waiting for: When can I get RPG Maker MZ and what is the price? Well here is your answer:

Release Date: August 20th, 2020
Price: $79.99 (USD)

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