RPG Maker MZ, Preview #6: MV Trinity Resource Pack Previews!

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RPG Maker MZ is only two weeks away! And with it, two bundles that include a ton of new packs. Today, let’s focus on one in specific: The MV Trinity Resource Pack!

MV Trinity is coming to consoles in English soon, and with it, a ton of new resources! New characters, new enemies, new tiles, and new music… But what about for PC? Don’t worry, this pack will give you all the new resources the console version has, all at your fingertips and with the power of MZ.

First up in our Preview, let’s look at 4 of the cover characters for Trinity!

Carol the Hero, Sakura the Ninja, Avend the Armored Knight, and Shun the Martial artist are just 4 of the new heroes the Trinity Pack will unleash into your projects!

But what will they fight? Trinity also adds a plethora of new enemies and new battlebacks to fight them on, all with new themes like Ancient Egypt…

… and Historical Japan! (and more)

To explore those new themes, you will of course need a whole lot of new tiles, and MV Trinity has that in spades! The MV Trinity Resource Pack has 133 pages of tiles! While some ground and wall tiles are from MV, new tiles abound, and will give you everything you need to fill out maps in those new themes, and more!

This is only a small selection of the many many tiles that are coming your way with the MV Trinity Resource Pack!

The MV Trinity Resource Pack includes all this and so much more. Parallaxes, Title Screens, Music, Sound Effects…

Be sure to pick up Bundle or Bundle S to get all the MV Trinity goodies, or purchase the pack as a standalone DLC on August 20th.

Database ConVerter MV compatible with MZ!

Looking for even more RPG Maker MZ news? Look no further.

The Database ConVerter MV, used to convert your database into a spreadsheet, incredibly useful for batch editing, will be compatible with MZ!

You can learn more about the Database ConVerter here!

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