RPG Maker Will Be at PAX East!

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Hey, everyone. Any of you guys heading out to Boston this month for PAX East? Because guess who else will be.

That’s right, RPG Maker. As part of our Degica Games booth, promoting RPG Maker, as well the growing collection of amazing games we’ve published, such as RPG Maker games like Hero & Daughter+, or cool Japanese titles like Deathsmiles and Pharaoh Rebirth+.

We’ll even be showing off our upcoming RPG Maker gem Oneshot!

You can also win prizes in various giveaways and competitions, both at the booth and online to win some stellar prizes! If you come by the booth, be sure to check in with our front board and friendly staff to learn how to participate. And for everyone, at the Convention or not, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter all during the weekend for even more opportunities.

You can also see live art done by Michael Rookard, the artist behind our Sci-Fi Battler Pack, and the upcoming Crimson Towers pack, and Hirei, our event coordinator and in house artist, buy cool Degica Games merchandise, and try out a few games that have yet to be released

When you get to the Con, you can find us at Booth 3224, Click Ralph Below to see us on the map!


The RPG Maker Web team, and Ralph will be waiting to say Hi to everyone, so make sure to come by!


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