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sci-fi-tiles-leftWe’ve had about a week now to look them over, and we’ve finally come to a decision.

But first, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our contest. It is always fun to have these contests go off perfectly, and without your effort, that would be impossible.

And now on to the winners. At this time, only the names of the entries, and a short description of why they caught our eye. If you would like a name attached to your entry as a winner, please contact me so that I know what name you are comfortable appearing on our blog.

And on to the winners:’

1st Place:  Wheels and the Leg Girl

The main thing about this entry is that it managed to convey exactly what kind of game it would be if I sat down and played it. The person even managed to include a short puzzle example in their 800 words. Even the plot description was paired down to a basic premise combined with: This is what the player does in the game, and this is why. Overall, I felt this one gave me more of an idea of what kind of game it was setting out to be, and I feel that was the goal of the contest.

2nd Place: Nova Galactica: Ode of Carinae

This one really focused on building around the gameplay idea. It had several of the same upsides as Wheels in description, though I think it was a bit vaguer in some areas and it made it difficult for me to picture the game that I would be playing. It also had a good one paragraph overview at the beginning, something several of the others lacked, and a clear sense of organization in the way it approached description.

3rd Place: Epiphenomenon: Dawn of a New Era

Solid organization, lots of detail in very little space. The gameplay description was a bit light, though the elaboration later helped. I think it might have been broken up weird with the story section between the gameplay and abilities sections. Overall though, still a very solid entry.

All three of these were good enough that I could have picked any of them to win. I had to look hard to nitpick between these three and come to a conclusion, so don’t take it too hard if I criticized a portion. You can email me again at to claim your prizes. Congratulations, and thank you everyone for participating!

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