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Ready for your chance to win one of our Resource Packs?

Show off your ability to use our tiles to create something really special and you can win one of the following:

  • Arabian Nights Resource Pack
  • Modern Day Tileset + Modern Shop add-on
  • OR any 1 future tileset pack with a retail value of 10 dollars or less!

Now that I’ve told you the prizes, I’m sure your curious what you have to do to win one of these. The rules are simple:

Make a single screenshot of a map, as seen in game, that you have made using the XP, VX, VX ACE RTP, or any of our resource packs. Include a title and a short description (up to 140 characters) and email it to with the email title of “Snapshot in Tile”

All entries received by Midnight, September 25th GMT-4 will be placed on our Facebook page. At the end of one week. (Midnight, October 2nd GMT-4) the screenshot with the most likes is the winner!

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