Steam Autumn Sale Last Day! Spotlight: POP! Horror City

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Oh no! The Steam Autumn Sale is almost over!

Is there anything scarier than missing out on a big sale? Oh, I know, zombies. Zombies are scary. And while there are plenty of RPG Maker MV DLC on sale, let’s take a look at the Pop! Horor City line!


First up, we have the base MV pack for Pop! Horror City!

Included is a fantastic new tileset in its own unique pixel art style! Plus 16 characters, plus zombie versions of those characters. And more! Enough to definitely get your zombie themed game going and at 65% off!

But what if you want more.


The pick up Pop! Horror City Character Pack #1, which includes 8 new characters in the theme of medical and rescue personnel.

When the apocalypse happens, we’ll need all that medical expertise, so add it to your game for 55% off!


Civilization may have collapsed, but the echoes of order still exist in Pop! Horror City Character Pack #2.

Featuring police officers and fire fighters, they may not be getting paid anymore, but they still have a job to do to keep people safe! Add these heroes to your game for 50% off!

Get these packs, and more, before the sale ends tomorrow!

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