The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 10

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Hello, fellow RMers, its that time again. The tenth episode of our RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews is here!

Ralph and Eric are joined by their friends, and the time has come to exact revenge on the yogurt thi-, I mean, its time to check out more plugins. Will we learn more about Alex’s adventures through time and space? Will Aluxes instigate more jokes out of Eric at Ralph’s expense? Will someone bring me a yogurt!?

Anyway, another day of previews have come, and we’ll be checking out two really useful scripts by Yanfly. The first, the Battle AI Core will give you great new options to make your enemies smarter and meaner. And the second, Region events, will let you assign common events to entire regions for when they are stepped on, giving you plenty of options for implementing mechanics fast and easy.

But now on to the important part, wiping that smile off Ralph’s face for stealing my… wait no, no, click below to check the episode. That was the important part.

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Finally, I can talk about what really matters. During the episode, I had a chance to talk to Eric. He told me Ralph was grumpy all day yesterday, so there was no way he had eaten my delicious mango yogurt, it would have cheered him up. And Eric knows Ralph better than anyone, so I trust him. Hmm… This means someone is trying to frame Ralph.

Who should I do next to solve the case of the missing yogurt? Make sure to vote in the comments here, on Facebook, or on the forums!

>Talk to Aluxes
>Talk to Alex
>Talk to Ralph
>Examine Note
>Examine Fridge

So, have the plugins in this episode given you any ideas for your game? Have a vote for my investigation into that diabolical yogurt theft? Tell us in the comments below.

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