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Its Episode 12 and we are almost done with our Plugin Previews! Which means that we have almost no time to figure out who is the yogurt thief! Also, that today will be filled with awesome plugins, I guess.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we won’t have the big guns today, instead we will need to wait until tomorrow for those! But we do have several cool plugins to show off. First up we have Save Event Locations from Yanfly, allowing your maps to keep events where you last left them. Yanfly has also created a plugin to easily have NPCs chase the player. And from Yami, we have Transfer and Steal States, letting you move states from one character to another.

Click below to see these and MORE in action, on the RPGMaker Channel!

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And now, with time running down, we need to hurry to identify the Yogurt Thief!

The RMW Investigation team has selected >Talk to Ralph

I find Ralph and Eric sitting near the set, waiting for the next scene to roll. Eric is browsing through a magazine, while Ralph is idly munching on an apple.

“Hello, Ralph, I need to ask you a few questions about some recent happenings,” I say dutifully.

“Sure, anything to help!” he says enthusiastically. Eric looks over the top of the magazine he is reading.

“Recently there has been a rash of… very serious food thefts. First your pudding, and now my yogurt. The post it claiming your pudding seems to have been removed and thrown to the side. And the culprit who stole my yogurt seems to have been trying to frame you. Though as Eric has told me, this is clearly false as you were too grumpy…”

“Hey!” he interjects, shooting daggers in Eric’s direction.

“… to have eaten a delicious mango yogurt that day. As such, I believe the key is to find out who your enemies are.” I nod, amazed at my own deductive reasoning.

“Enemies? I can’t think of any, I get along with everyone!” He beams with a giant goofy smile.

Eric flips the page of his magazine, never looking up. “What about that Prince whose bride ran off after you instead of marrying him?”

“All I did was save her kingdom! I didn’t want to marry her!”

“Or that vizier you accused of murder.”

“All I said was that it always seems to be the adviser in these situations! And did you see his mustache! He looked like a villain!”

“Or that white haired pretty boy swordsman, what was his name, Oscar?”

“That was a friendly rivalry!”

Eric finally looks up from his magazine, fixing Ralph with an exasperated stare. A few seconds tick by in silence.

“OK, fine, I have enemies, but no more than any heroic hero doing good has,” he grumbles, barely audible. “Its not like we KNOW they are after me.” He idly kicks a small rock that had inexplicably ended up in our studio petulantly.

Hmmm… It seems most of Ralph’s enemies don’t have access to our set. That means they must have snuck on. I thought we were dealing with a member of the cast. That gives us more options. We can investigate the evidence we have already gathered, or talk to our security guard to see if there were any weird reports.

>Talk to Alex
>Talk to ROB (Security Guard)
>Examine Note
>Examine Post It.

Which of these Plugins do YOU plan on using? How are you going to use them? Do you have any interesting ideas for Transferring and Stealing States? Join us in the comments below! And don’t forget to vote for the next step in our Yogurt Theft investigation!

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