The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 7

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: I swear if you say anything about a baby, you’re sacked.)

Hello my fellow RPG Makers, and welcome to Episode 7 of our RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews!

Ralph is back, thanks to the healing powers of Yanfly’s cooking (Is there anything that androgynous ball of fluff can’t do?) and he is ready to answer your questions, show off some plugins, and strike back at the evil Darobach Empire. (Editor’s Note: WHO?!) With Eric at his side, there is no villain he cannot overcome! (Editor’s Note: The only villain here is your incompetence)

Now, its time to upgrade our Items, with Yanfly’s Item Core and Item Upgrade slots. We also have Shaz’s More Escape Codes Plugin, and a complete overview of MV’s character generation system! So click below to take a journey to learn even more about RPG Maker MV!


Are your items going to be enhanced? Which of these do you think is going to make it in your game? Join us in the comments section below. Also. Baby. (Editor’s Note: I hate you.)

Make sure you are ready to go the day it releases, with all these plugin packs and two bonus resource packs by Preordering RPG Maker MV Today!

Also, please save my job (Editor’s Note: You don’t deserve saving)

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