The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 8

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(Editor’s Note: Last Chance. Do not screw this up. DO NOT MENTION A BABY. THERE. IS. NO. BABY.)

Wow, we’ve made it to Episode EIGHT. Only 6 more days to RPG Maker MV’s release and there are still many many launch plugins to show!

Feeling quite rested and with full bellies, Ralph and Eric take a break in a quiet meadow to bring us yet another day of Plugin Previews and another round of your questions answered! Will Eric be able to keep him on track? Will Yanfly have to show off yet another unrevealed talent to save the day?

In this episode, Yanfly again shows off coding prowess, presenting us with the ability to add permanent status effects to our characters, using the Auto Passive Effects states plugin. Our fluffy coding master also brings us the Main Menu Manager, a convenient way to alter the commands in the main menu and how they work.

We also have Yami’s Hospital plugin, just in case Ralph suffers from exhaustion again! But enough talk, have at you! Click below to check out the full episode.


Do you plan to change your menu? What do you plan to alter and why? How about Auto Passive Effects? Thinking of a way to use that in your game? Join us in the comments below!

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A baby once bit my sister… (Editor’s Note: You were so close. So close. *Cry*)

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