Whats Up With the Blog?

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Hi everyone! For those of you who keep up with the blog, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself for the last week or so: What is going on over there? First it just turns into a white screen, and now it’s missing a ton of stuff from the last few months!

Well, trust me, as the person who writes all that stuff: Oof.

First up, we had a technical error that wiped out all our CSS and corrupted a lot of our recent blog posts. We’re still not entirely sure how this happened, but not only that, our backups were severely out of date!

We got everything fixed and moved to a new server, but all that content is still, unfortunately, missing at this time. If we’ll ever be able to recover it, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s time to move FORWARD, with an eye towards keeping more backups and getting more out there.

Thank you for your patience, and keep on keeping an eye on this blog for more design articles, release announcements, and RPG Maker News!

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