Why make a video game?

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So perusing our forums, I ran across an interesting thread. The thread was titled “Why bother making a video game?“.

A pretty dismissive title, but the question itself is really an interesting one. Why DO we make video games? Obviously, we all have different answers to this, and I want to, of course, hear your answers as well, but in this article, I’m going to give you mine.

But first, a little about me. My name is Nick Palmer, the social media and community guy for the English RPG Maker Community. I’ve been known in the community as Touchfuzzy for years, long before I was ever hired on by Degica, I was making games with RPG Maker.

This was the first RPG Maker I ever used. Seriously/

This was the first RPG Maker I ever used. Seriously.

I write. A lot. I mean, obviously, most of my job is writing (and yes, I know, I’m prone to incredibly long sentences (and parenthetical asides!)). But I love telling stories. When I was a kid, and well, even now, I want to be a novelist. I’ve played tabletop roleplaying games for many, many years (something like 28 years now?). I want to tell stories and for people to enjoy them. It is one of the primary things I like in life.

But on the other side, I also like math. And puzzles. And just taking things apart and learning how they work and putting them all back together. It is why I have an unhealthy obsession with board games for instance. I love playing within a system and figuring out how to make it tick.

And making games with RPG Maker? That combines those two things like peanut butter and chocolate. I get to play with systems, I get to learn eventing and manipulate things to get the engine to do what I want, and all the while, I get to use that manipulation to tell stories. Then people get to play within the system I make and see the story I told.


I did actually finish one game, it was pretty fun, though horribly unbalanced and some of the puzzles were really, really unnecessarily hard.

To be fair, I also rarely finish anything. I have a secret project in the works now, but will it ever see the light of day? Who can say (well, it is work related, so probably my bosses would be unkind if it didn’t)? But even if I never do, it is fun to see the stories come to life, to manipulate the pieces and tools to get it to produce something that is uniquely mine. Unfinished or not.

So, why do you make games? Tell us in the comments below, or join the forums and ask in the original post!

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