RPG Maker Day Mini-Game Challenge: Why Mini-Games?

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So with our RPG Maker Day Sale going in full swing (head over to the store for those great deals! PLUG PLUG), and our Mini-Game Challenge hitting it’s stride (head over to the forums to join in!) I thought it would be a good time to try to answer the question: Why put Mini-Games in your RPG?

I’m a huge fan of mini-games. Fishing mini-games, town building, treasure hunts, whatever. If it is pretty well designed and gives you useful rewards, I’m here for it. So let’s look at a few reasons that Mini-Games exist:

#1 Break Up Monotony

First up, we have, in my opinion, the main reason to put mini-games into your game. No matter how good your mechanics, they can start to feel boring if a player has been doing them for hours on end.

Look, I know I’m a hero and all, but I’m done with the Dark Lords, that’s the fifth one today!

And nothing can stop a gamer in their tracks from finishing a game than it feeling like a slog. Mini-games create a great diversion, allowing the player to just do something as a change of pace for a while.

#2 Giving Out Cool Rewards

Another good reason for adding mini-games is that it gives you an opportunity to hand out more neat toys to the players.

You have no idea how many secret words I had to find in drawers to get that sword.

Think about it, your average RPG probably has like, 6-8 playable characters. If each one has 2-3 pieces of special equipment/skill unlocks/etc., then you have to find somewhere to hide 12-24 different little things.

Mini-games make a good place to put these non-standard toys.


Yes, a lot of us are working on RPGs (I know other games are made with RPG Maker, but we’re talking about RPGs here so bare with me). But it isn’t like that is the only kind of games we are interested in.

Town Building Mini-Games are probably my second favorite type. I would just include one to have fun making one.

Sometimes its fun to just throw in some influences from other games. Add a short shmup or maybe city building game. While it helps to break the monotony for players, it also helps break the monotony for the developers! Sometimes it is just nice to work on something else for a while.

So those are three reasons you might put a mini-game into your game, but these are honestly pretty basic, and there are so many more. Why do you like mini-games in your games? Tell us your reasons in the comments below!

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