How to Submit to the 2017 IGMC Game Jam

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With less than 3 days left in the 2017 IGMC, we have over 600 entrants but only 50 entries! Many of you may be waiting to submit your entry at the last minute. But submitting your game takes time too: you need to create an account, setup your game page, and then finally submit your entry to the game jam. There will also probably be a rush of users uploading their projects at the last minute which could cause server issues.

To avoid certain heartbreak, I’d recommend going through the submission process before the last remaining hours to make sure your game page is ready and submittable once you upload your final build. Fortunately, has a very intuitive interface for creating/editing your game page. To make it even easier, I’ve put together a quick guide on how to submit your game to the 2017 IGMC jam.

How to Submit your Entry to

When you’re ready to submit your game, you can navigate to the top of the IGMC 2017 Jam page <> and click the “Submit Your Project” button.

igmc 2017 game jam submission

This brings up a game submission dialog where you can choose from games you’ve created on to submit. If you haven’t uploaded your game yet, you’ll be guided through the process. You will also be asked to list Team Members involved in the project and which engine you used (both optional).


When creating your game page, make sure to follow quality guidelines here: This will make sure your game is easily discoverable for the general public. Note that your game page will have no impact on judging scores.

Once your game page is complete, go back and complete the Submission process. You should now have an entry page that appears in the list here:

A few other tips to make sure your Submission goes smoothly:

  • Make sure to include a downloadable version of your game that is playable on Windows. You can include a browser, mac, and linux version, but it MUST be playable on Windows to qualify.
  • If there multiple downloads on your entry page, make sure to designate which one is the version you’re submitting to the contest with a “IGMC” suffix. If no file is marked, we’ll test the latest version uploaded.
  • Please do not have a paywall for your entry until after the voting period is over. If we can’t access your download freely, then it will be instantly DQ’d.
  • Note that you will be unable to upload new files after the submission deadline UNTIL the voting period ends.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to post in the comments. We’re excited to see what the RM community has come up with!

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