The Sci Fi Pitch Contest

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We have a ton of new resource packs come out recently, and several of them have a single unifying theme: Science Fiction.

For a chance to win all our new Sci fi Goodies in one go, let’s pitch a game.

Game pitches are useful for trying to sell your game to a potential publisher, but they are also useful for another reason: they can help you remember to focus on what is important about your game. You can’t go on and on, you have to distill your game down to its essence and what makes it special and worth paying attention to.

So here is the idea: Come up with a Sci Fi/Sci Fantasy game idea. It doesn’t have to be one you are actually working on, or will ever work on. It could be theoretical to the point of taking advantage of huge AAA type budgets. Now write a 800 or less word pitch for that game. What is the game about? What makes it special? How will the player interact with it?

Make it interesting, Make our judges WANT your game to exist.

Here are the rules:

  1. Your entry must be emailed to by 1PM on December 1st GMT.
  2. Your entry should be written only. This is a contest to get you to focus on the core ideas of a game, not to make awesome looking images.
  3. Your entry can be submitted as a Adobe PDF file, Microsoft Word file, or any open word document format. If you have questions, ask in the comments below.
  4. Your entry must be less than 800 words. If it goes over slightly, it is OK, but anything egregious will be disqualified. You need to focus on just what is important and interesting.
  5. Your entry must be Sci-Fi or Science Fantasy in theme.

We will select 3 winners. The prizes will be as follows:


  • Don’t spend the entire 800 words talking about one thing. Make sure to diversify your talking points.
  • Make sure to tell us the basics of how the game will play.
  • Focus on why the player should care. What are the strengths of your game, and why will those be strengths.
  • Remember you are pitching to someone who knows nothing about your concept. Make sure to lay the groundwork.
  • For this exercise, don’t worry about pitching a game you could actually make. Just stay within the bounds of current technology and we are fine.

Have any questions about the contest? Ask us in the comments below.

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