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One thing about RPG Maker, that I think is interesting, and fairly unique among game engines, is that it has built a community around itself.

I myself, though I’ve used RPG Maker itself much longer, got involved with RPG Maker Forums probably around, 9 years ago. If I remember correctly, I came in and helped on figuring out what a few bits of code in a Japanese VX script did.

Then somehow. It stuck. I kept posting, made friends, became a moderator. Became a GMod. Became an Admin. Then I was hired by Degica to help with RPG Maker marketing, then we made the official forums and… That is really where I got to where I am today. Now, there are other communities around RPG Maker, such as the RMN community (which I do quite like), but I’m going to focus on the one I know best: the official forums.

The one infected by Ralphs.

The one thoroughly infected by Ralphs.

But, this article isn’t really about me.

It is about the community.

In my opinion, if you are using RPG Maker and not taking advantage of the community, you are making a mistake. And here is why:

Excellent Support

Here is the thing. If you send in questions about how to do something to me in message on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll try to help you. I really will. But I’m just one man.

The forums contain TONS of people who are very knowledgeable in using RPG Maker, and they are almost always prepared to give you an answer. So while you might have to wait for me to wake up (I do have to sleep), there is probably someone on the forums, right now, who could give you the answer to your question.

There are even things I don’t even know how to do, like check out this huge thread on help with the Damage Formula box! I know the basics, but the specifics covered here are things I would have to look up myself.

This little box can do SO much more than you ever imagined.

This little box can do SO much more than you ever imagined.

Excellent Resources

And speaking of something I CAN’T do, there is plenty of neat art and music resources just waiting for you to be found. I’ve highlighted a few before, but the amount of resources available to users on our forums is just. Staggeringly high.

Need a random animal sprite. They’ve got you covered.

That's right. whtdragon has got your goat. (follow link to see terms of use)

That’s right. whtdragon has got your goat. (follow link to see terms of use)

Need some different hair gradients fro the generator… that is covered too.

You can also find amazing free resource packs that are made by the community Restaff team and guests!

Excellent Plugins

I’m going to keep this one short, because it is basically would just be repeating things from the last entry: Basically, in most cases, if you want something, it exists. Just get out there and dig it up.

Discussing Your Game

At a crossroads on what to do next in your game? Why not ask the community what they think?

Have a screenshot you want to get some feedback on? Just jump over to the forums.

Want to know what people think of a specific mechanic? The community will probably have an opinion.

Feedback is a valuable tool, and the community is a great way to get it.


Look, making a game is a long process. It is a lot of work. And sometimes… it is just useful having a bunch of people who talk to who are in the same spot.

You can always take a load off and discuss some other things. Make friends! Help them with their games. Answer a few questions in support.

This is what makes the community a community. And there are a lot of great people in it. Some of my best friends, I only met because of the RM community. Don’t pass up your chance to be part of it.

How do you use the community? What have been your experiences with it. Tell us in the comments below!

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