We know you are all saving up for RPG Maker MZ, which just had it’s price and release date announced last night, but don’t forget to check out our new releases today!

First up, we have User Interface Material 3! 40 more system windowskins, 10 different designs each combined with one of 4 patterns, 40 Title Screen frames, plus 120 more user interface icons and 8 new character faces and full body images!

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And for our second new resource pack for the day, we have Fantasy Field and Dungeon BGM! 14 brand new subtle tracks. Made to fill out the feel of fields, dungeons, or any other scenes where you want more ambiance.

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Last week, we looked at the generator, and several ways handling plugins will be enhanced. What’s on the table this week? Several things… but at the end of this preview is the most requested piece of information so far: When does it release, and how much will it cost?

Event List

Hunting down an Event on a busy map? Well it just got easier. When you switch to the Event Layer, the RPG Maker MZ editor now hides the Tilesets and replaces them with the new Event List:

The Event List does exactly what it says on the tin: It lists all of the Events on your current map. You can use this list to easily find an Event on your map, or just to Double Click it and start editing.

New System Tab Options

We’ve heard the questions since the tab was mentioned… What was added to require 2 System Tabs? What extra options will I have for my game? So, let’s explore the new System tabs for options we haven’t talked about yet!


First up in our New System tab options is the ability to toggle Autosave for your game.

Autosave isn’t right for every game, but it is now a default function of RPG Maker MZ! If you want to use it, leave this option clicked. If you prefer to stay with manual saves only in your game, this is where you would turn it off.

Title Screen Command Offset

So you’ve made a beautiful Title Screen, but you realize that the command window isn’t in the right place. Time to redraw the Title Screen I suppose… but wait. What’s this new option?

With the Title Screen Command Window Offset, you can now move the window around to fit into that gorgeous title screen art you made.

Item Categories

So in MV, we allowed you to remove parts of the menu you didn’t use. Don’t have Equips, don’t have an equip screen. But the Item menu would still have all the same categories.

Now you can turn off specific Item Categories in your game. Don’t have Armor? Don’t have it in the Menu!

Advanced Settings

And then we have the Advanced Settings, which include a heavily desired default function for RPG Maker: You can now define the resolution of your game without Plugins!

Easily set your resolution to the desired size, then adjust the UI for the perfect fit. Additionally, the advanced settings also define the fonts for your game, and set what fonts to fallback on if they are missing!

New UI: Mouse & Touchscreen Optimization

MV added mouse support, but the UI never felt like it was optimized for control with a mouse. That changes with MZ.

Every in game menu is now designed for optimal mouse and touchscreen support, with no sacrifice made to Controller functionality. Mouse control no longer feels like an afterthought, but instead, feels like a full option!

Release Date & Price!

But now for the part that everyone has been waiting for: When can I get RPG Maker MZ and what is the price? Well here is your answer:

Release Date: August 20th, 2020
Price: $79.99 (USD)


It’s another release day, and today we have a Tokiwa Graphics extravaganza!

First up we have Tokiwa Graphics Giant Monsters Pack S No.1! 4 new Giant Monsters: The Ogre, Chimera, Fenrir, and Thanatos. Each gets 4 variations, plus 2 walking sprites (Normal and Shadow)!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

Next up, we have the Tokiwa Graphics Classic Monsters Pack S No.3! Another 4 new classic enemies for your heroes to battle: The Lilith, Ancient Sword, Gimic, and Ice Elemental! 4 Battler Variations, 2 Walking Sprite Variations!

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Last week was exciting, but let’s move on to something new! Character Generator, Plugin, and Coding Changes incoming!

Enhanced Character Generator!

The RPG Maker MZ Character Generator, on top of having all new art, has had two major changes to help you create the hero or villain you envision!

Offset Function!

First up, we have the brand new Offset Function. Move components up, down, left, or right to fit your vision. Bunch up facial features, adjust the way glasses sit on a character’s nose, move that hat to better accommodate your character’s hair, and more.

Put every piece where you want it.

Add More Gradients!

Easily add more gradients to eyes, clothes, accessories, hair, and skin color. You are no longer limited to a certain number of gradients!

Add a new row in the gradient png files, and the Character Generator will pull that new gradient into the Generator as a new option. It’s just that easy.

Plugin Manager Enhancements

The Plugin Manager has also seen a few quality of life enhancements.

First up, you can switch plugins off and on from the Plugin List rather than having to go into Edit to switch them off. Not a big change, but one that can save a bit of time.

Additionally, in the Plugin List, we now allow plugin creators to define load orders and requirements in their plugin. The Plugin List will then tell you if you don’t have things set up right!

This change should make adding plugins to your game more error free!

Additionally, the fields in the Plugin Editor have had a few changes, letting plugin creators put in their author name, and a URL, so users can quickly find the author’s site for help, updates, or just more plugins!

Event: Plugin Command Powered Up! 

Instead of a single box you type a plugin command into, Plugin Creators can now define their Commands to be selectable in the Plugin Command by selecting the Plugin, then selecting a Command Name from a dropdown list!

The Plugin Creator can also define Arguments for you to send Parameters to the command, making the Plugin Command way more powerful, and way easier to use!

These new changes to the Plugin Manager and the Plugin Event Command will make using Plugins to enhance your next game a breeze!

Rebuilt Core Engine, Editor, and Player

And speaking of Plugins, let’s talk about CODE! RPG Maker MZ has reworked the code for almost every part of RPG Maker. From the Game Engine, the Player, to the Editor.

  • Game Engine code entirely rewritten to follows current JS standards (ES6)
  • PIXI has been updated to the latest version.
  • Game Player Framework, Chromium, and nodejs have been updated to latest versions.
  • Editor has been rewritten for the latest QTEngine for modern hardware.

What does this mean for the average user: Everything will run more smoothly and with less hiccups..

What does that mean for plugin creators? Oh, we think they already know. And all the average users will reap the rewards of the extra power at the fingertips of plugin developers.

Update Corescript Menu Command

No more confusing copy paste process when RPG Maker has an update to update your projects! This one is just a Quality of Life upgrade, but a much needed one nonetheless.

When RPG Maker upgrades, all you have to do to upgrade your project is open Game => Update Corescript and boom. You’re done.


We’ve had another round of amazing RPG Maker MZ news last night, CHECK IT OUT HERE, but that still doesn’t stop the RPG Maker Resource Pack release schedule! Let’s get going with 2 new packs, both compatible with MV and MZ!

Create winding rivers, peaceful forests, quaint cabins, and busy mines with the Country Woods Base Pack. 13 tile sheets, both inner and outer, to create a fully realized rural world. Also includes character sheets and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And next up, we have the User Interface Material 2 pack. Tons more windowskins and title screen frames, 8 new SD character faces and full body arts, and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or an Steam!

And for our Deal of the Week, we have the Cute Cartoon Voice Pack at 10% off!


Last week, we took a look at the music, animations, and time progress battle system… so what is on the table for this week: Graphics, Mapping changes and Eventing!

Enhanced Map Editor!

Map Layers Have Returned!

One of the most requested RPG Maker features makes its return in RPG Maker MZ! The layer system is no longer only automatic! You can switch between manual and automatic layer control through the menu or through a quick keyboard shortcut!

The return of layers means you can now draw underneath existing parts of the tile! Put A tiles on the upper layer, use D tiles as a base. Stack 4 A tiles, or 4 B-E tiles, or any mix in any order!

The control of layers is now in your hands!

In addition, there are a number of minor enhancements to the mapping editor, such as:

  • ★ passability tiles now always appear in the editor as they would appear in game.
  • The map tree drag and drop behavior has been enhanced to make it easier to rearrange your maps.

More Powerful Events!

In addition to the map editor enhancements, many, many event commands have gotten tweaks to make them more powerful and easier to use. Let’s dive right in on a few example changes!

  • The Show Text command has added a name box field! No longer will a plugin be needed just to ID the character speaking!
  • Events and the player are now selectable locations for the Get Location Info command! Easily determine the Terrain Tag or Region ID of the tile the character or an event is standing on.
  • Wait for Completion checkbox added to the Scroll Map command
  • Basic Tweening/Easing Options are now added to Move Picture Command. Available settings include Constant Speed, Slow Start, Slow End and Slow Start and End settings
  • The Button selection for the Conditional Branch command has now added Pressed (activates and continues as long as held), Triggered (activates and does not repeat when held down), and Repeated (activates and continues as long as held, longer delay between repeat) options.
  • And many more!

Preview Move Route!

A more substantial change to the Event Editor is the Preview Move Route option! More easily see how your event will move with a press of a button!

You can easily click on another spot on the preview to set the start point of the move route, for use with moving targets other than the event originating the command. This move route preview is available in both the Set Movement Route command and the Autonomous Movement custom route!

Default Materials

RPG Maker MZ features the largest collection of default materials in series history! With a massive collection of graphics and music to work with, you can jump right into making your game.

On top of all the types of materials you are familiar with, RPG Maker MZ also adds Busts and Full Character Arts for all 120 characters that have face graphics!

And now that MZ supports .ogg files no matter how the project is deployed, you will no longer have to bloat your project folder with both .ogg and .m4a files!


  • Animations: 120
  • Battle Background 1: 51
  • Battle Background 2: 50
  • Character Sprites Sheets: 44
  • Character SV Battlers: 40
  • Face Graphic Sheets: 15
  • Character Busts: 120
  • Character Full Art: 120
  • Enemy Battlers: 105
  • Enemy SV Battlers: 105
  • Tileset Sheets: 31
  • Parallaxes: 21
  • Title Screens: 20
  • Weapons: 25
  • States: 10
  • Icon: 273
  • Button Set: 2
  • Balloon: 10


  • 48 BGM
  • 29 BGS
  • 27 ME
  • 345 SE

We know you are all still processing the exciting RPG Maker MZ news from last night, but that doesn’t change that it’s RELEASE DAY! Let’s get ready for more heroes and more music!

Following up on the first Classic Heroes pack, Classic Heroes Vol.2 gives you 4 more fantastic fantasy hero designs. Each with two skin tone variations, we add the Male Dragoon, Female Dragoon, Male Thief, and Female Thief. The set includes busts, facesets, SV battlers, and a hi-res shot of each character for resizing.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

We could all probably do with making some bright and cheerful games right now, and for that, we need some bright and cheerful music! If that sounds good for you, check out the 25 pop BGM, 10 BGS, & 20 ME of the new Light Novel Pop Music Vol.1!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

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RPG Maker MZ is coming this Summer to the RPG Maker Web Store and Steam, and we know you’ve all been waiting for some real info on RPG Maker MZ. It is time. Let the RPG Make MZ Preview series begin!


We know that everyone wants to get a good look at the new resources available in RPG Maker MZ. Well, we can’t give you a good LOOK quite yet, but you can have a good LISTEN to a sample of the fantastic new music included with the maker. Check out our preview video below!

Time Progress Battle System!

RPG Maker MZ is adding two new options to the standard RPG Maker battle system. Now not only will you be able to switch between Front and Sideview, as you could in previous RPG Makers, but now, you’ll be able to switch between Turn Based, Time Progress (Active) and Time Progress (Wait). What does that mean?

It means you are no longer tied to a rigid turn based system! Every actor and enemy acts at their own speed. For a better look, check out our first RPG Maker MZ Skit video below! (and be on the lookout for some more teased features while you are there…)

Particle Animations!

The animations editor in RPG Maker always worked, but let’s be honest, it was a bit dated. Having to use clunky spritesheets for battle animations, especially with the limitations on the sprite sizes making it difficult to make great looking large effects, was just not very fun, or very versatile.

But that all changes with RPG Maker MZ.

Instead of using sprite sheets, we’re now moving to natively being able to import particle animations! Create your own effects in the powerful and free open source Particle Effect Creation Tool Effekseer

*Frame Rate, resolution, and color quality lowered in creating gif.

…and then take the *.efkefc file created and import it right into your RPG Maker MZ project.

From there you can change the angles, size, and speed of the animation with a few easy clicks in the Database. Layer in the sound effects and any screen or enemy flashes to add that extra little bit of spice, and your animation is done!

*Frame Rate, resolution, and color quality lowered in creating gif.

This new method brings animations to a whole new level. Never before have RPG Maker animations had this much potential and power. How will this evolve your projects?

This week, we’ve debuted the new built in battle systems, the new animations editor, and gave you a preview of the new music. What new treasures await next week? Tune in in 7 days, same time, same place to find out.


It’s a horrible night to have a curse… of such great new materials to show off to you! But enough talk, have at them!

The Gothic Castle Tiles feature 339 new RPG Maker MV (and MZ!) formatted tiles that you can use to create a foreboding gothic castle. The perfect home for a dramatic noble, a vampire, or maybe just some old ghosts…

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And our second pack for today, User Interface Material! We can always use more variety in our window skins and frames, and this pack comes packed with some sweet window varieties. Take a look and see if they would slot into your project, or maybe inspire a whole new one!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And for our Deal of the Week, get 10% off the Kingdoms and Conquest Music Pack through next Thursday!


We’re sure that you are all excited for the new announcement of RPG Maker MZ, but now isn’t the time to stop with releases! (And as an added bonus, the new releases for today will be 100% compatible with MZ as well!)

It’s time for your Time Fantasy characters to meet Face to Face! Time Fantasy Faces as face sets for characters in Time Fantasy and Time Fantasy: Monsters! 104 faces in total!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

A new set of tracks from TK.Projects, the Fantastic Piano Collection features… exactly what it says on the tin. 26 BGM and 15 ME of Piano music that is fantastic! Click through to listen to previews of the wide variety of sounds!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And for our Deal of the Week, get the Time Fantasy pack to go with Faces for 30% off.