3 Broad RPG Maker Mapping Tips

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Our No Travel Game Jam is in full swing, and now a lot of people are out there mapping out their town. Mapping is one of those things that has a lot of things that are common sense when you know them, but you might not know them! Us experienced mappers tend to forget the advice, so here are three broad tips that everyone can use to make their maps better!

1. Count your Cliff Heights!

This is a thing that I notice beginners mess up that can make a map look immediately wrong, even if you can’t always place WHY it’s wrong immediately.

Every set of tiles that aren’t separated by a height change or on a flat plane. Therefore, any difference between two sets of tiles that are flat planes should all be the same number of cliff tiles different. Keep your eye on this and always count your cliff tiles.

As you can see above, one section being 3 tiles different while another being 2 tile different when the two planes should be the same difference in height looks really weird.

2. Natural Environments vs Man-made Environments

There some three things that you should keep in mind when mapping between these two things: Straight Lines, Right Angles, and Symmetry.

Humans like these things when building or laying out things. Nature don’t care.

Whenever you or working on something made by people, try to keep your lines fairly straight, 90 degree turns, and a bit of symmetry. On the other hand, if you are working on something naturally formed, try to do the opposite.

3. Barriers take more Vertical Space than Horizontal Space

This one is the one that is the easiest to miss, and then have a sudden “oh, duh” moment out of these three. When you are mapping, always remember that a lot of the barriers, like cliffs, or walls in interiors always take more vertical space than horizontal space.

As you can see above, a wall in an interior is a minimum of 3 squares. Two for the wall and one for the ceiling. On the other hand, horizontally you just need one for the ceiling.

Keeping this in mind when mapping can save you a lot of time in going “wait, there isn’t as much space here as I thought!”

So these are three basic mapping tips. Next week, we are going to look at some more specific mapping tips. So what mapping tips to do you have for other users. Sound off in the comments below!


It’s the first release day of April, and you have no idea how glad I am that it didn’t land on April Fool’s Day! These packs are real and are no joke, so let’s see what is new this week.

Our first new pack brings some Casual Style to the character generator. Introducing Heroine Character Generator 6! 20 new sets of clothes, 8 accessories, 4 capes, 5 sets of eyes, and 5 sets of front and back hairs!

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Next up we have the Essential Fantasy Music Pack from Tyler Cline! 12 new tracks designed for a fantasy RPG. Battle themes, overworld themes, towns, dungeons and more.

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And for our Deal of the Week, get 25% off the 90s Golden Age RPG Vibes soundtrack!


We’ve almost marched right out of March! But there is still time for one more release day, so let’s get started!

Getting ready to create your Asian themed epic, or just adding some Asian flair to your existing project? Then fill out your weapons with the 144 new weapons of the Medieval Asian Fantasy Weapons Pack! Katanas, Nunchuku, Katar, and more! 14 Asian weapon types added to your game, plus an MV style Iconset to go with it!

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Irish composer Aedan Gerhart Sherry brings us the Spirits of Adventure! An inspiring and emotional 14 tracks will bring a new dimension to your game, from the ominous sounds of ‘Evil Entities’ to the calm tones of ‘Breaking Light’ this pack provides a lot of feeling for your game.

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And finally, for our Deal of the Week, you can get 50% off the Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack to compliment your new Asian Fantasy Weapons!


We know a lot of you out there are working hard on your games. And hopefully, our new releases can help.

First up, it’s the perfect time for your characters to visit a classic Renaissance town with the Eberouge Background Image Pack 3 from Five Happiness! This pack includes 25 scenic backdrops, antique shops, mountain views, a solarium, and many more.

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Another male hero voice makes its debut with Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.8! This set of 126 voice lines features a quiet, reserved male hero, with a touch of perhaps melancholy? Find his story in your game!

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Another Thursday has arrived, and we know what that means: It’s almost the weekend! Also, we have more new RPG Maker packs for you to enjoy!

First up, a new pack from battler artist Thalzon! It’s time to do the Dinosaur with Prehistoria. 66 Battlers featuring dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, cave-men, sea creatures, and more! Perfect for a game of time travel, or maybe just a lost land.

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And second, we add another voice with Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.7. You know the drill: 126 new voice phrases professional voice acted to fit an RPG setting. This time, the voice is perfect for the trope of a child warrior!

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Time Marches on and it is time for the first March release day! This time, we’re lined up to bring more heroines to your game!

Fantasy Heroine Character 6 is here! With 8 new characters in 2 outfits each, this pack has EVERYTHING you need for RPG Maker MV heroines. Character Sprites, Emotion Sets (Face and Bust), full sized enemy battler art in tons of variations, SV Animated Battler Sprites, the only thing left to do is write them into your game.

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Next up, it’s time for another female character voice with Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.7! Another set of 126 Japanese phrases selected to fit into an RPG setting, and professionally voice acted to bring one of your characters to life. With Vol.7 bitter sweet entertainment has brought a deeper, more mature female voice to the store.

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February is winding down, but we still have one last Release Day before the month ends!

With Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.6, the male character series finally catches up with the female one! Another 126 phrases designed to give one of your characters a voice. Professionally voice acted, this set features a high spirited teenage protagonist.

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Next up we ahve the Modern + Outer Basic VX Ace! Much like the previous MV version, this pack is the perfect base for a modern RPG, but this time, using the 32×32 size tiles! Perfect for VX Ace, or any other engine you want to use it with!

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It’s release day, but first, have you hear of our lord and saviour the RPG Maker Day Sale?

One more week of huge discounts await on the RPGMakerWeb Store, so jump on over and see what cool new packs you can get.

But enough talk, have at the new packs!

First up, we have the latest Heroine Character Generator pack! Heroine Character Generator 5 from Gee-kun-soft features even more amazing components to use with the RPG Maker MV character generator: 20 sets of clothes, 7 accessories, 5 eye sets, 5 front hairs, 5 rear hairs, and more!

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And for our second pack, Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.5 has dropped! Again featuring 126 Japanese phrases to use with attacks, victory, damage, and many more. This pack features the perfect voice for an adult male with some serious cool.

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But that isn’t all! We have a few updates to existing packs as well! Let’s run them down:

Tyler Warren RPG Battler’s Pixel Style 1, 2, and 3 add a new palette to match the Time Fantasy Resources! Those that already purchased them can redownload from their purchases, or through Steam. For those that haven’t: well they are on sale right now!

Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 2 was missing some of the enemy battlers fro the RPGMakerWeb download. We’ve fixed this and it’s now all in there. Please redownload from your account to get the rest of the battlers!


RPG Maker Day Mini-Game Challenge: Why Mini-Games?

in Design

So with our RPG Maker Day Sale going in full swing (head over to the store for those great deals! PLUG PLUG), and our Mini-Game Challenge hitting it’s stride (head over to the forums to join in!) I thought it would be a good time to try to answer the question: Why put Mini-Games in your RPG?

I’m a huge fan of mini-games. Fishing mini-games, town building, treasure hunts, whatever. If it is pretty well designed and gives you useful rewards, I’m here for it. So let’s look at a few reasons that Mini-Games exist:

#1 Break Up Monotony

First up, we have, in my opinion, the main reason to put mini-games into your game. No matter how good your mechanics, they can start to feel boring if a player has been doing them for hours on end.

Look, I know I’m a hero and all, but I’m done with the Dark Lords, that’s the fifth one today!

And nothing can stop a gamer in their tracks from finishing a game than it feeling like a slog. Mini-games create a great diversion, allowing the player to just do something as a change of pace for a while.

#2 Giving Out Cool Rewards

Another good reason for adding mini-games is that it gives you an opportunity to hand out more neat toys to the players.

You have no idea how many secret words I had to find in drawers to get that sword.

Think about it, your average RPG probably has like, 6-8 playable characters. If each one has 2-3 pieces of special equipment/skill unlocks/etc., then you have to find somewhere to hide 12-24 different little things.

Mini-games make a good place to put these non-standard toys.


Yes, a lot of us are working on RPGs (I know other games are made with RPG Maker, but we’re talking about RPGs here so bare with me). But it isn’t like that is the only kind of games we are interested in.

Town Building Mini-Games are probably my second favorite type. I would just include one to have fun making one.

Sometimes its fun to just throw in some influences from other games. Add a short shmup or maybe city building game. While it helps to break the monotony for players, it also helps break the monotony for the developers! Sometimes it is just nice to work on something else for a while.

So those are three reasons you might put a mini-game into your game, but these are honestly pretty basic, and there are so many more. Why do you like mini-games in your games? Tell us your reasons in the comments below!


February 15th is RPG Maker Day! And to celebrate the upcoming RPG Maker Day, we’ve decided its time for a sale!

So, whats on sale? ALMOST EVERYTHING!

Makers, Resource Packs, everything you need to polish off your current project, or get started on your next one!

And the king of deals: 80% off RPG Maker MV! Have it already? At 80% off its the perfect gift to help someone else get started making their dream game!

The sale starts NOW and continues through February 26th, 11pm PST!

But let’s not forget that it’s also a release day, and that means a new pack for your game!

Every anime inspired game needs a spunky kid character, and Japanese Anime Voices Male Character Series Vol.4 brings 126 voice lines to add flair to yours.

Read more on the RPGMakerWeb Store or Steam!

But that isn’t all! We also have a brand new challenge to celebrate RPG Maker Day: The RPG MAKER DAY MINI-GAME CHALLENGE! For info on joining in, head over to the forum thread!

Have a good RPG Maker Day, and may your game dev be productive!