Battler Art – King Gilgamesh

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For the last bi-weekly battler post, I really wanted something cool.  I really wanted to emphasize the brutish nature of the Flesh Eater tribe from the Azurian tropics.  So I started with some rough sketches and a good idea in mind.


I had some key words written down, and I felt this pose hit most of them pretty well.  From here I went to actually drawing the character.


After roughing in some lines and values, I started to drop in some colors.


Once I got to this point, I made a new layer of everything underneath and started painting directly on top of it.


Obviously that is quite a big jump!  I also redesigned the mask slightly, I was thinking about making him corrupted by Sloth, but then the story didn’t quite turn out that way.

You can go download him here!

I hope to see you back for the blog post series about the first BattlePACK, the Skyforge!

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