Battler Art Step by Step – Corrupted Knight

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So this one was pretty fun, I thought my description coming off of the Dark Magic Guardian was solid.

Corrupted Knight – Once a noble adventurer, he delved too deeply into the catacombs of Mt. Zurat, fighting his way past Dark Magic Guardians, only to be corrupted by the very treasure he sought!  Now he serves those same dark masters he once fought against, using his unholy might to crush any adventurers to cross his path!

So I’ve got this awesome place called Mt. Zurat, maybe I should dive into that more at some point?  We’ll see.

So for this guy I knew I wanted some cool skulls, and more skulls.


I had an alternate sword at first, but I toned it back into this one to be a bit more “knightly.”  I think it definitely looks better.


Got into figuring out some materials and lighting here.  Working in just tones for this step is really, really helpful.


I began to lay in some color on a multiply layer, pretty sparingly as I didn’t want it to be overpowering; not at this stage at least.


Did a bit more blending with a blender brush here.


Added the final paint pass and effects!

I’ve uploaded a time-lapse below, check it out!

Also, go throw your hat in the ring for a custom battler here!

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