Battler Art – Witchdoctor Pygmy

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I’m going to be honest and say the inspiration for this basically came from me running away terrified from the hordes of pygmy enemies in Diablo 2, they were super evil.  After a couple quick sketches and ideas, I moved into the main drawing; I had a pretty solid idea to begin with.


For my paper this time I used a Strathmore Toned Tan; I’ve been pretty happy working with it lately.  I scanned it in and then started in with some color.


I just did some quick flats with the lasso tool and the paint bucket on a multiply layer.


This was a couple layers of hard and soft light, to kind of feel out the lighting scheme I had put in place.  Once that was all on, I made a final top layer and started painting a bit more opaquely.


A bit of overpainting later and he is done!

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