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FSM: Town Of Beginnings Tiles is a newly released tileset pack that can be found here in our store or here on Steam. Priced at $24.99, this large set is actually a really great bargain given how much material and extras are included.

Stylistically, FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles is similar to the standard RPG Maker MV assets – it’s a happy mix of pure pixel and painted art. However, FSM tile palette is less bright and saturated. The tiles are a little darker, with many wood and stone textures that are at home in any fantasy or medieval game. The tiles still have that classic punch of color, which keeps them from being too dreary and drab. Making this pack compatible with RPG Maker MV standard tiles would be very easy – just a few small tweaks with brightness and contrast in an art program.

Although FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles was inspired by the classic First Seed Material tiles that our community veterans are familiar with, the Beginnings set was created completely from scratch by the same art team. Objects and textures were created for the standard RPG Maker MV scale – which means that they fit the environment without looking blurry, glitched or out of proportion.


FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles contains the following:

  • 17 tile sheets
  • 24 animated tile character sheets
  • extra folder with alternate tile sheet (2 pieces) and characters (5 pieces) along with a parallax folder (2 files)
  • User Manual that goes over how to import and use the pack.
  • User Guide with mapping tips and instructions on how to use the pack to its full potential.
  • Editable RPG Maker MV sample game, including 182 full maps and a playable game.
  • Playable sample game, translated into English.


Animated Tiles

Animated Tiles




The sample game included in this pack serves two purposes – to showcase how to use the material and to share a few tips and details about FSM: Town Of Beginnings tiles and its history. We’ve tried to keep the English translation as close to the original Japanese version as possible. There is no overall plot to the sample game, but RefMap team took the time to create a world that seems alive and fun to explore.

We feel that the sample maps are useful both to veterans and to new players. They give a great easy-to-use base for both short and long games. In addition to having all passabilities and priorities set in the database, the maps can easily be personalized further to make them more unique.


I had a chance to play around with the materials and I really enjoyed using them. Mapping in editor was quick and painless – I didn’t feel like I needed to immediately adjust the tileset for placement or to create extra detail. At the same time, I could see a lot of potential for customization such as adding extra clutter to make homes look more lively or layering of plants to look more natural.


Although this pack is focused on both inside and outside of towns, it’s possible to create some dungeon-type areas as well. There’s enough plants and trees to create a forest or forest maze. The addition of cliffs makes mountain passes and mountaintops easy. Lastly, the dark stone walls and floor could become tunnels, sewers or towers. Adding some RPG Maker MV standard object into the mix could stretch the material even further, allowing you to create caves and evil lairs as well.

Although we always encourage you to use your own creative ideas, we wanted to share a few settings FSML Town of Beginnings Tiles can be used in:

  • A longer project where the focus is on merchants and trade. Exploring towns and tackling economy would be an interesting (and unique) game to play. Since merchants aren’t fighters, it would make sense that they wouldn’t necessarily venture into the darkest depths of dungeons and caves.
  • A short project with a focus on alchemy or healing. The party could visit towns to help the ill while they replenish the herbs and supplies in forests and mountains. Since there’s no big ultimate evil to worry about, the players could focus on
  • A psychological thriller where the player explores a newly-abandoned town to trigger memories of a tragedy that just happened. With some good music and well-placed tension, this would make for a great horror game.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look into FSM: Town Of Beginnings Tiles. We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Chime down below or join in the discussion on our Facebook page or our Community Forum.

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