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Karugamo Fantasy Vol. 1 is a music pack created by tobi, a Japanese composer that’s known in the Tkool RPG Maker community as well as some of the international RPG Maker communities. Volume 1 is the first in the Karugamo Fantasy series, and it focuses on dungeon and field themes.

Karugamo uses instruments and sounds that are often found in jRPGs or Japanese anime shows/movies, and is therefore right at home with the standard RPG Maker RTP. Although Volume 1 includes music optimized for dungeons, several songs have a whimsiness to them that makes them suitable for lighter games – particularly involving puzzle elements. Field and ship themes work great for any travel-themed areas, and can easily be used for bravado character themes.

One of the unique things about Karugamo is the use of instruments such as xylophone, electric guitar or the classic harp. This interesting medley of sounds sets Karugamo apart from other classic JRPG themes.


Karugamo Fantasy – Vol.1 contains the following:

  • Natural Dungeon 1-4
  • Tower Dungeon 1-3
  • Unnatural Dungeon 1 (variants A, B and C)
  • Unnatural Dungeon 2-4
  • Field 1-6
  • Ship 1 (variants A, B)
  • Ship 2
  • Bonus: Cover character in RPG Maker MV standard style.

One of the things I really enjoy doing when it comes to music is creating a map or two while listening to the song. This is a great exercise for two main reasons. One, it allows me to listen to a particular song several times and get used to how it would flow in a game setting (where songs are often repeated). Two, it makes it easier to remember a song once it’s applied to a specific setting – and with a growing music library, it’s nice to remember songs quickly and easily.

Here is a map inspired by Natural Dungeon 1 – a whimsical tune that I felt went together with a friendly animal farm. I used RPG Maker MV RTP to create this map, but I bet it would be even more authentic to use some custom animal tiles or animal hybrid NPCs.


Although we always encourage you to use your own creative ideas, we wanted to share a few alternate ways Karugamo Fantasy Vol. 1 can be used in:

  • As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, a whimsical animal or fairy village could easily be enhanced with the Natural Dungeon themes. In addition, an abandoned tower that uses one of the Tower Dungeon themes would fit into this animal kingdom idea.
  • Unnatural Dungeon themes have a nostalgic feeling to them, which would make them great for less dramatic/tragic flashbacks. In addition, there are some vocalization elements that add a touch of intensity that might work for tense scenes.
  • Although the Field themes invoke a great sense of adventure, they would also fit great into a puzzle-themed mini-games. Field Land 4, for example, has a slightly Asian feeling that would make it a perfect theme for a mah-jongg mini-game or a gardening challenge.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look into Karugamo Fantasy Vol. 1. We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Chime down below or join in the discussion on our Facebook page or our Community Forum.



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