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By: Lunarea

Magnificent Quest is a large music pack created by Joel Steudler, the genius composer behind many of the crowd-favorite music packs you’ll find in the RPG Maker store. This large pack includes 43 BGM songs and 20 ME shorts, perfectly suited for both short projects and long sagas.

Although Magnificent Quest can be used in both high and low fantasy, the inspiration for this pack is more modern JRPGs – which blend the classic orchestral melodies with modern rock undertones. As a result, Magnificent Quest is a unique album that will feel both inspired and memorable.

My favorite part of the pack is the sheer variety of melodies. Each theme has a unique melody, but fits a larger narrative well. This is especially important if you’re planning to create longer games – where you want to avoid having music feel repetitive and boring, while at the same time keep your music similar enough to not feel disjointed.


Magnificent Quest Music Pack contains the following:

  • 10 Battle Themes, including standard battles, special encounters and boss themes
  • 10 Dungeon themes, including music for areas such as catacombs, dwarven caves and the Underworld.
  • 10 Event themes, which can be used as character themes as well as backdrops for your game events – ranging from heroic to nostalgic.
  • 10 Town themes, including rural areas, palaces and cities.
  • Bonus: 3 additional themes (Battle, Dungeon and Event), and 20 ME themes (positive, negative, inn and rock)

Music can be a fantastic inspiration to create, and Magnificent Quest is no exception. While I was listening to the album, I had a ton of game ideas pop into my head – from interesting plot points and twists to world development. But since I can’t create an entire game just for this article (well, I could, but it would take forever!), I picked a single song to build something with – Town: Tranquil Refuge.

For this tranquil refuge, I jumped back into parallax mapping and created a cottage in the woods. I used RPG Maker MV RTP, as well as some choice wilderness pieces from SAKAN: Tileset Builder tool. I tried to emulate nature with an organic placement of the different pieces, but I still made sure everything lined up with the grid so the walking player didn’t feel off-center.


Although we always encourage you to use your own creative ideas, we wanted to share a few alternate ways Magnificent Quest can be used in:

  • If you’re exploring a futuristic setting, think about adding a “retro fantasy” mini-game your player can play in between their missions. Not only does your player get a break from the main action, but you can make use of all fantasy materials you’ve got in your library.
  • To keep things fresh and exciting, consider changing your battle theme as the player gets stronger. The beginning stages could be more light and airy, and progressively grow darker/more intense as time goes on.
  • Music can inspire characters – and this JRPG medley would be perfect for that true anime fan in your modern project. Perhaps you could even add a side-quest where the party has to collect all JRPG themes across the world to unlock the fan’s ultimate ability…

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at Magnificent Quest. We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Chime down below or join in the discussion on our Facebook page or our Community Forum.



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