New Pack Review: Fantasy Heroines, School Heroines, Emotional Music, Vexed Tiles

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Hello, gamedevs!

These last two weeks have had some absolutely fantastic pack releases, characters, music, and a giant pack of tiles. So let’s jump right in and take a look!

Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 2


Following up on the excellent Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 1Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 2 is twice the number of characters, twice the number of Heroines. 16 new female characters for your fantasy RPGs with sprites, faces, busts, side view battlers, enemy battlers, this is the full package.

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Heroine Character Pack 1


Or maybe your heroines are from a different place and time. The Heroine Character Pack 1 features 8 new female characters for a school setting. With walking sprites, sideview battlers, enemy battlers, facesets and busts with emotion variants, all in two different outfits for each character.

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Steam: Coming Soon

Member+ Collection: Vexed


Our old Member Plus subscription created a lot of excellent materials that are now unavailable, such as some of the amazing work of Vexed, creator of the POP! series. This giant collection has tons of addons for POP!, RMDS, and Ace RTP style games. So much that you just need to follow the link to read it all.

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Steam: Coming Soon

Emotional 2: Voices of Angels


The sound of the orchestral and voiced music from Emotional II: Voices of Angels is sure to bring out the desired feelings of the scenes of your game. Formatted to fade out or to loop, these fifteen tracks will fill your players with a sense of wonder, hope, nostalgia, despair, and more.

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Steam (RPG Maker VX Ace)

Have you found the new heroine for your game? Found just the thing you needed to spice up the maps you are making using the POP! style? Or just found some amazing new music to bring out the feelings of your game?

We hope you’ve found another way to enhance your game, and hope to continue to bring you the resources you need to make your game your way.

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