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It’s the most common type of RPG Maker game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good! The High Fantasy RPG!

Whether it’s slimes, gigantic yellow birds, sentient swords, one of twenty-seven powerful runes, or yet another girl named Nina, most of us have nostalgia for those staples of the JRPG genre, and we’ve brought you 4 excellent music packs to bring out that classic high fantasy in your own RPGs with the Karugamo Fantasy series!

Each pack has its own flavor:

Pack 01 features 22 tracks built around dungeons, towers, and travel via land or sea.

And after all that exploring and travelling, your characters can enjoy the tunes of Pack 02, with an additional 22 tracks, this time for castles, towns, villages, and other centers of civilisation.

But evil will never leave civilization alone for long, and that is why you’ll need Pack 03, for battle and hero themes of all types!

And finally, after a long fought battle, it is time for the story to move forward, with Pack 04 you will have tracks for cutscenes. Mystical, Romance, Despair, you’ll be sure to find something for any scene.


All packs are formatted for use in RPG Maker VX Ace or RPG Maker MV. As an extra bonus, each pack comes with a bonus RPG Maker MV walking sprite based on the cover art shown above!

You can also find these packs on Steam! (Pack 01, 02, 03, 04)

And if you buy NOW, before June 24th, on our site or via the Steam Store, you will receive 10% off and these fantastic packs! So level up your high fantasy game, With the Karugamo Music Packs!


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