New Releases: Medieval Warfare, Modern Buildings, Spanish Guitar

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This week, we have three new inspiring releases, ranging from the 1500s of Europe, to the 1800s Southwestern US, to the Modern World. Each inspire a different kind of game, and each is a pack we think is worth picking up.

Medieval: Warfare

The first pack of the bunch, Medieval: Warfare is brought to you by Pioneer Valley Games.


This pack, containing both the tools, and the aftermath of Medieval combat, is an excellent addition to any game already using PVG’s other Medieval packs, but it also brings a whole new dimension with its focus not just on war, but the desolation of what comes after.

What it inspires: To me, this pack inspires an epic game that highlights the highs and lows of full-scale war. The joys of escaping a narrow defeat, but also the horrors of the landscape left behind? Will you make a game of high fantasy combat? Or a gritty, dramatic representation of what war leaves behind? It’s up to you.

Fantastic Buildings: Modern

The second pack, is another great tileset from artist Celianna, Fantastic Buildings: Modern.


This pack contains plenty of tiles to bring your modern world game to life, from Skyscrapers to Convenience stores. It’s also completely compatible with the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP style, as well as Celianna’s many other packs, allowing you to slip it into an existing game easily.

What it inspires: There are many directions you could go with this one. Do you want to make an everyday life simulation? Or maybe a modern spy thriller? Or even throw it into a fantasy game through a bit of time traveling? The choices are endless!

Spanish Guitar Strings

From Murray Atkinson, we bring you yet another brilliant music pack, Spanish Guitar Strings!


This pack contains 14 tracks built from the fast paced fingerwork typical of Spanish guitar and other traditional Spanish instruments. With songs that evoke romance, duels, or even a bit of mischief, this pack has everything you need.

What it inspires: This pack brings my mind immediately to Zorro. Swashbuckling adventures in Mexico controlled Southern California. The “noble” outlaw fighting a corrupt government with wit and panache. Outthinking his opponents. Confounding and frustrating them. And finishing the game with a one on one duel of flashing rapiers.

What do these packs inspire in you? Tell us in the comments below!

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