Summer Sale Artist Spotlight: Celianna

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It is time for another Artist Spotlight! This time, we’re going to feature Celianna, who has done tons of VX Ace tiles.

Celianna is a long time member of the RPG Maker community, and someone I’ve worked with personally over on the RPG Maker Web official forums, where she is one of our most active moderators. She also is working on her own game, which you should also check out, called Tailor Tales!

But let’s take a look at her work for RPG Maker! All of these packs are VX Ace, formatted to 32×32 pixel tiles, so perfect for those who are still using an older maker, or are using a plugin in MV to use smaller tiles.


First we have Celianna’s Futuristic Tiles, which includes tiles for a variety of modern and sci-fi locals, spaceships, cities, research facilities and more!


Ever wanted to create a Harvest Moon style game? The Rural Farm Tiles are perfect for this, with a bright exciting art style and all the tiles you need to make farms and rural towns.


After that, Celianna worked on two packs designed to match the RTP style of VX Ace, and add Fantastic Buildings! The first, for fantasy, Fantastic Buildings: Medieval


… and the second for something a bit more contemporary: Fantastic Buildings: Modern.


Her other series, the Ancient Dungeons series, features absolutely gorgeous digitally painted tiles. The Base Pack features pieces for towns, villages, castles, caves, crypts, ports and even chapels…


…while the Ancient Dungeons Jungle pack gives you the feel of a thick jungle, complete with Mayan style temples and beautiful waterfalls.

Celianna has plenty of packs, ideal for use in a variety of games, whether you want to enhance the RTP, hit the future, work the farm, or just go with a totally new Fantasy style, she has made something you can use.

So pick up one of Celianna’s excellent packs and be sure to join us Monday when we do our last artist spotlight for the sale!

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