Summer Sale Artist Spotlight: Karugamo

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RPG Maker would be nothing without the artists, both those who work with us making official packs, and those in the community. So for our Summer Sale, let’s put some spotlight on some of the amazing artists that are creating fantastic art and music and the great deals you can get on their work!

First up, we have Karugamo. Karugamo is a Japanese composer who has spent ten years learning the craft, and decided that making music for indie games is where his passions lay.

Karugamo has made several packs for us, in two different series, first, we have the Fantasy series. Four packs featuring music for different situations.


Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 01 is focused on the core of most RPGs: dungeons, towers, and land and sea travel.


Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 02 hits the other major half of RPG locations: castles, churches, cities, and villages.


Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 03 adds in the music for your battles, both regular and boss, and theme music for dashing heroes and dastardly villains.


And Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 04 rounds out most of the last missing pieces you’ll need: mystical, suspense, cut-scene/event and romantic music.

All together, these four packs contain 80 tracks, consisting of every single thing you’ll need for a fantasy RPG Maker game.

But what if you are building something a bit more modern? Don’t worry, Karugamo’s second series focused on just that. The Contemporary series contains two packs so far.


Karugamo Contemporary BGM Pack 01 focuses on modern towns, and lively cities.


Karugamo Contemporary BGM Pack 02 hits the natural and supernatural.

Both packs are heavily inspired by the sounds of anime and j-pop, with catchy, quirky tunes that will have your players humming.

So enjoy the works of Karugamo, pick up some packs in the sale, and round out the music in your current project. And tune in in a couple of days when we feature another great RPG Maker artist.

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