Two New RPG Maker Tilepacks: Steampunk Town & WIzard Castle Inner

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Hello, gamedevs!

The last few weeks may have been light in number for RPG Maker DLC releases, but the two tile packs that came your way don’t lack one bit in quality!

Brought to you by artist Sherman3D, both packs this week are ready to brighten up the maps in your game!

Steampunk Town Tiles


The first pack ready for your game is the Steampunk Town Tiles! These tiles are a perfect compliment to the previous Steampunk Tiles MV, mixing Victorian architecture with gears, pipes, and steam. If your game is steampunk or gaslamp fantasy, it needs this pack!

RPG Maker Web Store
Steam: Coming Soon

Wizard Castle Inner Tiles


Tomes, crystal balls, pointy hats, all things you would expect to find in a wizard’s castle, and all things you WILL find in the Wizard Castle Inner Tiles! Dress up your wizard’s castle or tower with all the arcane decorations and runes that really scream out “MAGIC!”

RPG Maker Web Store
Steam: Coming Soon

Whether you are putting the steam tech or the magic into your world, Sherman3D and the RPG Maker team have got you covered this time!

Keep making those worlds, keep filling them with wonder, and we’ll keep helping make that happen!


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