Welcome to the World of Tomorrow: New RPG Maker DLC

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Medieval Fantasy is great, but perhaps there are just a few too many fantasy games in the RPG genre? Feeling like you want to try something else?

Well, we have 3 new packs that will take you into the modern era, and beyond!


First up, we have the Sci-Fi Battlers 2 Pack by Michael Rookard! This pack adds 19 battlers matching the style of Rookard’s previous Sci-Fi Battler and Sci-Fi Battleback packs. Created in a brilliant painted style, these battlers will bring your world to life.

Buy all three packs, and get a large collection of Sci-Fi combat pieces to create your entire game!


And that Sci-Fi game is going to need some atmosphere, so bring it out with Joel Steudler’s Futuristic Atmospheres Vol 2! A sequel to Futuristic Atmospheres, this pack adds even more ambient music, drones, and soundscapes to complement your game.

Whether you need the background sounds of an alien landscape, a spaceship, or a quiet trip through hyperspace, this pack has it.


If one thing is overlooked in a lot of games, it is SFX. There is an entire background to our lives: doors, cars, cooking, birds, bugs, and more. And Joel Steudler is here to bring that to your game as well with the Modern Day SFX pack!

This pack contains 450 sound effects to bring your modern game to life formatted for RPG Maker VX Ace or MV.

With these three packs, you’ll be well on your way to bringing your game to the 21st Century, and beyond!

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