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This is going to be a short post, but hopefully an important one. I’m sure there are a good many of you in our audience who sat around every day in high school history wondering: “Man… why do I got to learn all this stuff, its just a bunch of boring dates and facts about things that happened hundreds of years ago!”

Of course, you might have been sort of right, depending on the quality of your history teacher (though its not so much fact as best guess consensus, but we’ll let that one slide). But here is the thing: History is a goldmine for storytelling.

Not just to set something in an actual historical setting, but you can pull historical cause and effect straight into your own settings. Think about the parallels between say, the War of the Roses and Final Fantasy Tactics (or A Song of Ice and Fire if you are a fan of that).

Change these to Lions and boom, its Final Fantasy Tactics

Change these to Lions and boom, its Final Fantasy Tactics

History is an endless supply of situations to pull from, and they are all at your fingertips, especially with access to the internet (which I assume you have, and if you don’t… HOW ARE YOU READING THIS!?). We have tons of resources, from Wikipedia to a certain internet celebrity’s youtube series on World and US History (Seriously, if you haven’t watched John Green’s Crash Course History serieses, you should, they are truly amusing and enlightening).

I mean, I can just grab a random video from his and use it to think of a game concept:

Natives dealing with a foe with technologically superior weapons while suffering from mass disease (Conquistadors)

Reeling from a previous war, a nation establishes new allies, while breaking old in an attempt to regain land they had lost, igniting the rivalry between other nations, and throwing nearly the entire world into global combat (The Seven Years’ War).

With the royalty deposed, a new regime takes over a nation, imposing bloody deaths to any suspected of not following their banner (The French Revolution).

Have you been inspired by anything from history? One of the wars, or maybe the black death! Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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