Thinking Outside the Box: Challenge 3

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Artbane’s discussion of puzzles got me going! So I decided to puzzle you guys with a puzzle.

I’m going to give you a series of screens walking you through the puzzle, then you guys get to try to make it using the restrictions I set out!

Set1So here we start with the initial setup. The spikes that are raised in the image are alternating up and down every second. The spikes that are not raised are inactive. When you are on the same tile as a spike when it is up it knocks you back in the direction of the arrows. The first step is to get to the switch in the upper right.

Set2We’ve flipped the switch!. This opens the doors on the lower left. And look at that, the spikes that were active before are now not moving, and the others are on! They alternate up and down every 3/4’s of a second and if you are on the same tile as a spike when its up it knocks you back the direction of the arrow. Now we need to get to that switch in the lower left.

Set3We’ve flipped the next switch! Uh oh, it opened the door on the lower right, but now ALL the spikes are active. The ones in red alternate every second, the ones in blue alternate every 3/4s of a second. And they knock you back the direction indicated by the arrows.

Let’s get to that last switch!

Set4Whew! Now all the spikes are inactive, and the exit is open! Let’s get out of here.

Doesn’t sound too hard right? Let’s throw a monkey wrench into things:


No scripting, only one parallel process event.


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