Challenge: Ordered Switch Puzzle with Restrictions

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Hi there, it has been a while since the last entry in our Challenge series, but we’ve decided to bring it back. So how does it work? We put up a post, challenging you to figure out a way to do something in RPG Maker. We include how it should work, and then some restrictions, and let you go. Then roughly a week later, we come back, and show you how we did it.

The point is to teach people to think outside the box, to learn new things about eventing and manipulation of the engine.

So today, for our challenge, we’ve got an easy one. Remember our Ordered Switch Puzzle tutorial? Well you are going to do the same thing.


4 switches. The door opens when you flip them in the right order. But I can hear what you are saying… well we already know how to do that right?

Here is the challenge:

No switches. No self-switches. Only 2 variables allowed. No scripting/plugins.

And that is it. The whole challenge. Can you do it?

Extra bonus: Can you do it with just 1 variable?

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