Event Triggers Part 2

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We are finally returning for Event Triggers Part 2! (It appears “Next Friday” is more fluid than I was thinking).

In Event Triggers Part 1, I covered the simpler Event Triggers: Action Button, Player Touch, and Event Touch. These three can be grouped together as Interaction Triggers. They trigger when the player character interacts with them in some way.

Today, we will look at the other two event triggers, which I will call the Automation Triggers. The reason I call them this is that these events activate independently of direct interaction with the player characters. These two triggers are Autorun and Parallel Process.



How it works: The Autorun trigger will start whenever the conditions are met. If the event page conditions are met, and you are on the same map as the event, it triggers. It will loop indefinitely until the conditions are no longer met.

What is this used for: Autorun triggers are used most often with cutscenes that start the moment you walk onto a map. You can also use it to reset a puzzle in a room, or set any conditions that need to be set when certain conditions are met.

Things to keep in mind: The biggest thing to keep in mind with autorun triggers is that as long as they are running, the player will not be able to do anything, and that until you end them, they will repeat forever. If something needs to happen every time you enter a map, you can use erase event after it runs through. If something needs to happen once and then never happen again, you will need to use some form of switch/self switch condition on a second page to stop it from occurring again.

Parallel Process

Parallel ProcessHow it works: Parallel Process triggers work similar to autorun triggers in that they start whenever the conditions are met, but instead of stopping player action, they run in the background allowing the player character to continue on while the process is working. They also, as with Autorun Triggered events, repeat indefinitely as long as conditions for them are met.

What is this used for: Parallel Process triggers can be used for anything where you need to constantly check for certain conditions. Examples of use include: Keeping track of the state of a timer, checking for a button press by the player, keeping track of the coordinates of the player or certain events, having a flash of lightning occur at certain intervals, etc. It can also be used in a lot of timed events, such as farming systems.

Things to keep in mind: As with autorun events, you will need to keep in mind that to stop it from repeating, you will need to end the process in some way. Another thing though to keep in mind with parallel process triggers is that you do not want to run too many at a time. The more of these events you have running, the more chance you will encounter a drop in your FPS.

And that covers all of the event triggers. A lot of systems can be made with only events without ever touching scripts, and mastering triggers is a huge part of eventing. Can you think of more uses for each trigger?

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