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Having trouble wrapping your head around the basics? Don’t know the difference between an enemy and a troop? Then maybe you need to enroll in the RPG Maker VX School!

The VX School is an RMVX game made by Aindra, a member of RPGMakerVX.net. You play as a generic character who is a new student at the RPG Maker VX School, a fictional school headmastered by Aindra that has the goal of teaching the basics of RMVX. Each room in the school will show you a different game making technique.

I don't remember any of my college professors being so... cute.

The school is organised into different difficulty levels, allowing you to explore the rooms based on your personal knowledge of the program, with the easiest being on the second floor and the most difficult being on the fourth. The basement also contains a few people who explain some additional miscellaneous subjects.

I can't shake the feeling I should know this guy...

Another advantage of the VX School is that not only did Aindra leave the project unencrypted, she also left plenty of notes around the project for you to read to learn even more. Make sure to read through some of the events in the project to get a better understanding of Event flow as well.

Be sure to check the notes in the database. Just carrots here, no sticks.

This project has since its inception taught a great many people the ins and outs of RMVX and it can help you too.

Armed with this knowledge I’m sure you are ready to make your first RPG. Still working with the trial version? Use the code “vxschool” for 10% off of the upgrade for the full version.

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