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Hi, everyone. I’m here to talk about something a little different today. No new announcements about our engine. No game/story design advice. No tutorials on how to make cool things in RPG Maker.

Instead, I want to talk about how to make a cool thing in real life. Children every day are afflicted by conditions and illnesses that threaten to cut their life, or just their comfort, unreasonably short. Cancer, birth defects, cystic fibrosis, or just injuries that occur in the normal course of being a kid are just a few of the things that the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat, and they do this whether the families can pay or not.

And WE have the opportunity to help. This is a personal project of mine, that I have asked to be let to promote on our official blog. The rest of the RPG Maker Web team felt they couldn’t turn down the offer to provide help. The way we can help is through Extra Life. Extra Life is a charity that combines a love for games, with a love for the children we see everyday, whether they be our own or not. It’s kind of like a Walkathon. If a Walkathon involved playing tons of video games instead of walking. Basically, we get blister’s on our thumbs instead of our feet.

So how can YOU help? Well, the first option is to donate directly to one of our team members. As I’m writing this, I’m the only team member, but I hope to have many more. You can find the team page here:

The Charitable Order of RPG Maker Team Page

and my personal page here:

My Page

The second way you can help is by joining the team and reaching out to your friends, family, and acquaintances to donate to your page. Or you can just join another team, its all for fun and charity, not for competition! I’ll make sure to update this page with links to all the pages of our team members as they come in.

Also, I will be live streaming my 24 hours on November 9th starting at noon EST and ending at noon the next day. You can come watch me as I play RPG Maker games, create things in RPG Maker, or maybe occasionally dip into some other games on my computer! I hope to see plenty of you there, its going to be lonely if no one shows.

Thank you for reading, and please, do what you can to help. All children deserve to get good medical care.

Anyone joining in? What are you going to be playing? Already on another team? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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