Live Q&A Wrapup: Lunarea

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So last Friday, I was able to get our art diretor Lunarea (pronounced: Loo-nah-ray-ah, which is something I learned during the chat) into a live chat with the fans to answer any questions people could think of for her! You can download the entire log here, or read below to catch some of the highlights (including one question I got to answer as well):

Redweaver_420: Have you guys considered making things to flesh out the RTP, like emo sets or face pics for all the pallete-swapped people 5&6 etc.?

Lunarea: We strive to give a lot of content that can be used with the RTP, but we also try not to repeat too much of what the community’s already done. There’s a lot of RTP add-ons like the emotion facesets or recolors, so we try to focus on giving you other kinds of original content. Archeia has a personal blog that has a ton of portraits and faces with emotions that’s based on the RTP, too.

Koneko: What do you use to do your artwork in and how long does making something take from idea to imported for you?

Lunarea: I do all of my work in Photoshop CS6 and the packs take quite a long time. The Zombie pack (which is my latest pack) took a little over 500 hours of work. But the amount of work it takes really depends on the content, the style and the theme. It’s never a quick process, though.

HypnoNate: Which resource pack, if you had to choose one, is your favourite?

Lunarea: That’s a tough question! If it’s just my own packs, Arabian Nights is my favorite. If it’s all packs … I think I would probably go with the DS pack. It’s very cute.

Indie Game Judge: So what future themes are you looking into making packs for?

Lunarea: We’ve got quite a few packs in progress at the moment: farm/sim modern, wild west, dungeons, royal/noble, detective/noir, dark fantasy, and a few that have to stay a secret a bit longer.

Redweaver_420: Outside of RPG Maker games…what are your top three “desert island” games?  Feel free to give us your answer, too, Nick!

Lunarea: Do MMO’s count? I pick WoW, Torchlight and Starcraft 2.

Nick Palmer: Desert Island… Nier, even though it doesn’t have the replayability I think its one of the best games ever made. Dragon Quest IX (I can play this forever), and uh… Some other time sink game. Maybe one of the GTAs, haven’t played 5 yet but I hear it can be played forever.

WandererGalv(NOFAPcrew): oh… how long does making new auto-tiles take for you…? =\  seems pretty tedious indeed…

Lunarea: Depending on the detail, most of the auto-tiles take at least an hour. I’ve had some auto-tiles take several hours, with the longest one being a water tile that took 5 hours. Water is especially difficult because it’s supposed to animate fluidly, but you only still get 3 frames and it’s a big challenge to make fluidity happen in 3 frames.

GaryCXJk: Seriously, I always wonder how graphic makers could keep their sanity. (on the subject of autotiles).

Lunarea: With lots of fellow artist support and a kind word here and there from people using the art.

*After money was mentioned in relation to the question*: Lunarea: Money mostly makes it possible to keep working on content without having to get a second (or 3rd) job. It’s a great bonus, but not really the reason most of us are making art.

End Q&A

We both had a ton of fun doing this for you guys, and hopefully if you wanted to join in you made it. We plan to do something else like this in the future, but we want to hear from you the fans first! Who do you want to see put in the Live Q&A box? Another one of our employees, one of the people who have made resource packs for us? Or maybe even a prominent game maker from the community! Who should I be targeting to line up for the next Q&A. You tell us in the comments section below.



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