RPG Maker MV: New DLC! Medieval Knights & Music, Season Tiles

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Hello RM Fans, we’ve got three new packs for you!

Characters, tiles, and music, we have a little bit for every user, so find out what you can add to your game today!

Medieval Knights Templar


What kind of medieval themed game wouldn’t have Knights? The Medieval Knights Templar Pack by Pioneer Valley Games, for use with all previous Medieval PVG packs, features two character templates and tons of pieces to make an almost endless number of characters.

You’ll have pieces for walking, running, sleeping, side view combat, busts, portraits, and more! At $4.99, this pack is a must have for all PVG fans.

Medieval Music Pack

And since you are using all of those excellent PVG tilesets and characters, you really need some music to fit the theme.

Joel Steudler has come out with just what you need with the Medieval Music Pack. With 20 themes (5 Battle, 4 Dungeon, 3 Field, 3 Theme, and 5 Town) using period musical instruments, such as the lute, recorder, and harpsichord, this pack really brings out the atmosphere of the times. Learn more!

Town of Seasons


The times, they are a changing, and each year brings many colors and weather around the world. So bring that out in your game, with Sherman3D’s Town of Seasons! This pack contains tiles to decorate your towns in Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall.

Completely compatible with RPG Maker MV’s standard tiles, there isn’t any reason not to pick this up today!


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