Hello everyone, we have a few updates on some of our existing RPG Maker DLC! Don’t worry, it’s all good news.

Tyler Warren Battler Packs

First up, many of our Tyler Warren Battler Packs are getting updated EULAs. The new EULAs will expand the allowed use: “for use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice”. Additionally Adult, Gore, and Edits are all allowed.

This change applies to all Tyler Warren Battler Packs EXCEPT Tyler Warren’s RTP Redesign 1. Please redownload these packs on Steam or from the RMW store to get the updated EULA.

Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles

For the Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles, we have updated some of the contents, sct_TileA1.png & sct_TileA1_2.png, for higher quality. To get the new, higher quality versions, redownload the dlc from the store!


Welcome to another release day! This week we have some fantastic music and battlers hitting the store, so let’s take a look!

Let your ears travel to Japan, with the Ayakashi Music Pack! 25 tracks from Ayato Sound Create inspired by Japanese culture and music. This pack contains everything to transport your game to anywhere from Sengoku era Kyoto to modern day Tokyo!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Tyler Warren has added again to his ever growing collection of RPG Battlers with the Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 7th 50 Time Fantasy Tribute! Inspired by the Time Fantasy series, this pack features enemies from the Time Fantasy Monsters and Mythic Monsters pack and more!

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Like Tyler Warren’s style but don’t know where to start. How about with everything! Check out the new Tyler Warren RPG Battlers Ultimate Bundle, which includes everything he’s made so far!

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And for our Deal of the Week, match up the new Tyler Warren RPG Battlers with the Time Fantasy: Monsters Pack for 50% off!


RPG Maker MV has surpassed 400,000 Sales! And you know what that means. That there are probably 32 million incomplete projects and like 8 finished ones! On a more serious note though, this is a time for celebration! So that means a huge sale across the RPG Maker Web Store. Jump on over and see what packs you can get with deep deep discounts! But that’s not all. We also have 5 DLC!

First up, the RPG Maker DS pack makes its way to MV! One of the fan favorites, this pack was originally adapted to VX Ace from the DS RPG Maker release, but also includes tons of additions made just for the PC versions. And now all of it is available reworked for MV. Sprites, battlers, music, tiles, and more, Everything you need in one cohesive style!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Like the RPG Maker DS style, well don’t just stop at the original pack, the DS+ resources also made the jump from DS to VX Ace to MV! The same style, now with more of everything! This MORE doesn’t just mean more pieces but more settings! Feudal Japan, Modern, Futuristic, with this pack and the DS pack combined, you have so much variety.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

An extra special pack from Degica to celebrate our momentous 400k sales, be sure to take a look at the modern/futuristic Degica Dream Pack MV Modern! Includes tilesets, characters, music, animations, the perfect start for your Modern or Futuristic adventure!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Miss your old favorite heroes. Want to show everyone what Ralph and Alex have been doing, but still want to use MV? Then the RPG Maker VX Ace & XP Hero Pack is for you! All of your old favorites resized and reworked for the MV tile size!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Also, currently on Steam, pick up the Database Converter MV Tool! Now you can import and export your games database to a spreadsheet. The advantages of this are innumerable. You can efficiently edit your database and view multiple entries at once, and then pop it right back into MV!

You can read more about this tool on Steam!

5 exciting neew releases. Tons of RPG Maker products on sale! Don’t miss out on this celebration of a huge milestone!


Happy Halloween Everyone! But it’s also Thursday so that means release day. So be prepared for a shambling horror DLC!

Don’t open that door! Behind could be… Zombies. Or wait. Zombie parts. Guess they’ve already been bashed up. Not much of a threat, well not until you throw them together for your game! Pick up the Zombie walk graphic material 01! Mix and match the body parts in a graphics editor to make your own, or use one of the 10 premade zombies!

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And to add to our Spooky Halloween Release day, bring in the atmosphere with the Survival Horror Music Megapack for 50% off!


Character Customization: When Is It Too Much?

in Design

So you’re putting together your game and you want your players to have a lot of customization and interactivity their character. So you have a class system. And a skill system. And an alchemy system, And an augment system. And a…. well you get it.

But when is it just TOO much. At what point do you tend to turn off your players from doing it, rather than giving them something fun and challenging to play with.

But it’s not as simple as “if you have this many systems its too much.” Let’s look at some reasons why a system might feel overburdening to a player.

 Reason 1: It requires constant adjustment.

Sometimes, its not how complicated the decisions are, but how often you have to adjust them. As an example, if a weapon degradation system is making me have to stop every 5 minutes and figure out which weapons to fix and which to let degrade a bit more before fixing, and which aren’t even needed anymore, then it’s going to start to wear thin pretty fast.

It’s not that a weapon degradation system is bad. They can be good in the right context, but if I’m having to engage with a customization or maintenance mechanic that requires me to stop the flow of the game incredibly often, it needs to be toned down some.

Most Job systems are the opposite of this and a good design. You set them in a job, and then you forget it for a while. Checking in every hour or so to see if you need to change it up.

Reason 2: Making choices too broad.

Lots of decisions with few answers are easier to make than one decision with a ton of answers. If you collect skill points and you can spend them to buy any skill in the game, then you can easily create analaysis paralysis for players.

Break up decisions into smaller decisions. This is why most games break up skills in some way. Things like Skill Trees, Skill Grids, or even dividing the skill points themselves into different categories. Maybe you have Sword Skill Points, and Offensive Magic Skill Points, and Healing Skill Points etc.

Anything to reduce the number of answers to each decision down. You can have a lot of decisions to make, if the decisions themselves are not so broad as to be overwhelming.

Reason 3: Making all decisions permanent.

One thing I’ve found is that if a game doesn’t allow respeccing in a game with a lot of character customization, then a lot of players will start hoarding the resources used to spec in fear that they might mess up.

I’m sure a lot of us can identify with the “oh no, I don’t want to use this consumable, what if I NEED it later”. This is basically the same.

You hoard customization points because you feel if you put them in the wrong place you’ll regret it later, and then you don’t even end up engaging with it at all. Respeccing allows a player to just try stuff out, throw around his customization, and if it turns out he made a mistake, he can just reset the points and go again.

Reason 4: Bad balance of number of choices per character, and number of characters.

When designing a system, always keep in mind how many times the player will have to repeat engaging with them. How many characters are they going to have to repeat this for?

If your game has a ton of characters, you need to cut down the amount of decisions for each one. Having to spend 5 minutes customizing your character per hour of other gameplay isn’t a big deal, but if you are having to do it with a dozen characters you are spending as much time customizing as you are playing the rest of the game.

On the other hand, if you have very few characters, or even 1 character, you can afford to have more customization in that character. Look at most modern Diablo-clones for instance. They tend to have super heavy customization, because you are hyperfocusing on just that one character.

What other reasons have you seen where games provide choices that just overwhelm and making it no longer fun to engage with? What solutions do you see?


It’s release day again, and today we have a much asked for tileset as well as the mascot from the Japanese TKOOL store!

First up, Ancient Dungeons: Winter is making the jump to MV! After our previous update of the Ancient Dungeons Base Pack, we knew that you would want the Winter pack to make the jump to MV style as well! And here it is, a beautiful tileset in all its wintry glory.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Marsha Erin makes her way from the Japanese RPG Maker storefront TKOOL, where she serves as a cute and adorable mascot! But now she has made her way off the island and is exploring the world. Capture her into your game with this full character pack featuring everything you need to make her a hero or villain!

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And for our Deal of the Week, complete the MV Ancient Dungeons set with Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack for 20% off until October 31st!


Release day is here, and it’s time for 3 new audio packs!

First up, we have the Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.1. Bring your characters to life with lines from professional Japanese voice actors saying 127 standard stock phrases! Includes a file to tell you what each clip means in English.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Next up TK.Projects brings together 22 BGM, 17 ME, 10 BGS, 63 SE to breath atmosphere into your Cyberpunk or other sci-fi RPG with the Future Cyberpunk Collection Vol.1. Upbeat, fast paced, synthetic tracks will give your game the techno feeling it needs.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

But why stop there! They have also produced another 100 more ME that are a perfect complement: Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection. Fanfares, Emotions, Openings, Item Get, and many many more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And for our Deal of the Week, get 50% off Inspirational Vol.2!


Thursday! And that means releases. So what do we have for you today? Let’s take a look!

First up, do you want to add some moe to your game? Then how about picking up the Fantasy Character Super Deformed Pack! 39 characters, many of them drawn from the previous Fantasy Heroine packs, drawn with the big heads and little bodies super deformed style. Perfect for enemy battlers, or for making faceset/busts for dialogue!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And next up, be sure to take a listen to Alec Shea’s JRPG Music Pack! The second pack from Alec Shea, the JRPG Music Pack contains 20 new tracks to score your next game. Includes everything you need for battles, towns, cities, forests, caves, and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And for our deal of the week, round out your collection with Alec Shea’s Adventure Music Vol 1 for 50% off!


It’s the first release week for October, and we have a wonderful surprise for our long time fans!

And let’s start off with that surprise! One of the most historically respected resource makers in the game, FSM is back with a brand new pack! The FSM: Caste and Town Tiles pack is HUGE. Just sheet after sheet of materials to make your populated cities shine. But how much do we really need to say about FSM, just head on over to the store now!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

But that isn’t it for this release week. We also are bringing you the Fantasy Interiors pack! Create detailed interiors for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. All with tons of clutter to  make your rooms look lived in!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And to wrap up this release week, we have another excellent music pack from TK.Projects, the Dramatic Fantasy RPG Music Vol.1. 25 tracks, plus 20 Music Events, and 10 Background Sounds round out this energetic and dynamic music pack with everything from field music to boss battles!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And for our Deal of the Week, enjoy Monster Evolutions: Battler Pack 1 for 50% off until 10/10!


The last release day of the month is here, and we’ve got two packs coming your way!

First up, the new Fairy Town Pack! Everything you need to make a whimsical fairy village. Tiles, Fairy Sprites, Music, and more! Also included, a bonus Giant Fairy Tree Sprite and modern city tile sheet in the same style!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

The Spooky Month is almost upon us, and Bitter Sweet Entertainment is bringing us a new soundtrack to match the Witching Hour! The Silent Horror Music brings a variety of creepy and sinister sounds to enhance your horror game!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And for our Deal of the Week: 50% off the POP! Slasher Forest Pack!