New Release: Classic Heroes

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This week, let’s celebrate iconic heroes, with the Classic Heroes pack!

The newly released Classic Heroes pack features 6 characters, 3 classes, the Warrior, Mage, and Archer, in both male and female in 8 colors and two skin-tones with every single resource you need for your game.

Busts, Facesets, walking sprites, and even special side view animated battlers. Feature these iconic classes in  your next game!

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Yesterday on Twitter, I shared my thoughts on Permanently Missable Rewards in games (which I will refer to as a Missable from this point forward). And boy did you guys respond. Some of you agreed, some of you disagreed, and some of you had some interesting ideas on “3rd options”. With so much discussion, I felt we should talk about this subject a bit more at length.

First, for the people who don’t know, what IS a Missable? For me, a Missable has to contain several factors:

  1. There is a point in the game where you can no longer obtain the item.
  2. It is not needed to further the plot, so you can pass that point without it.
  3. There is no item that you can obtain that does all the things that item does, but is unquestionably better.

The third one especially is a point where I feel it’s ok to have a Missable. If you can get an iron sword that is +15 to attack with no other abilities later in the game, it doesn’t matter that you can’t get a copper sword with +10 to attack anymore.

So, for the people who don’t see the big deal, I’m going to elaborate on WHY I think this is bad design: It doesn’t let the player play the way they want to play.

Some players like to explore and do every single thing in an area before moving to the next area. Some do a little here, and a little there, then move on when they get bored of sidequests. And then some just blaze through the story and want to do all the side stuff later.

None of these are “wrong ways to play” but missables punish anyone who doesn’t play like the first person. And even for people who ARE like the first person, it can cause stress. What if I did miss something? Now I have no way back. Guess I should just play this game with a guide open.

And if there is one thing I truly think that games need to learn, is to design themselves in ways that people don’t need to play with a guide.

Several people came up with fun ways to get around an area being closed off:

This one I liked quite a lot. Moving the items to a new place like the rubble of a ruined temple lets you put unique items in areas that you can’t return to, without letting them return to that location. This kind of thinking, alternate ways to get rewards, is not used a lot in games, but when it is, I find it really interesting.

Some people came up with legitimately good reasons to have missable content, such as this user:

This is a really solid point. choices are a very different situation, and actually something I strongly encourage in gameplay.

The reason I think that mutually exclusive choice Missables are OK is that:

  1. You know you are making a choice.
  2. No one else playing the game is getting both. There is no “completionist” method.

You make the decision of what you want, and you move on.

And some people think they are just fine:

And you know what, that is a-ok. Players can feel any way they want about games. And this advice, to not use Missables in your game, is just advice. Now, I think its a very good piece of advice for making a game with wide appeal, but that doesn’t have to be your game.

There is nothing wrong with making a game for a specific audience. Specialized games are some of my favorites. So follow your heart on your design, but always be open to the ideas of others. You never know when something they say will give you a whole new perception on design!


The heat of summer is upon us, and its time to spend time in the sweet sweet air conditioning working on your game. And we have two new packs today to make those games better!

Everything has to happen somewhere, and what your events could really need is a good background image! Featuring many different modern and school based locations, the Eberouge Background Image Pack 2 is a perfect fit for the popular modern day wizarding school settings!

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And nothing brings a setting to life like a fantastic score! Dignified Fantasy Music Vol. 3 is here with even more symphonic tracks from Bittersweet Entertainment. Featuring full orchestra and percussion, this pack hits a range of emotions, with battle and adventure in spades!

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The start of another fine month of releases, and this month we’re going to jump into a DLC for both Visual Novel Maker and RPG Maker!

From prolific RM composer TK.Projects, Visual Novel ME Perfect Collection brings one hundred new Music Events to your Visual Novel Maker or RPG Maker project. Happy! Horror! Shock! Sadness! This pack contains plenty of emotive music events to dress up your scenes, and help pull the player into the game!

And on top of the emotions for your scenes, you have Fanfare, Inn, ItemGet, Save to pull together your RPG Maker projects!

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And to round out the first release of the month, let’s see our Deal of the Week! Fantastic Buildings: Modern for 50% off!


The journey through this year is nearly halfway over! It’s a long road, and of course, the thing you need for such a long road is footsteps!

A journey of a million miles begins with one step, and with the Karugamo BGM Footsteps SE Pack, you can make that step sound right no matter what it is on. Grass, Snow, Gravel, Stone, Dirt, Splashing through water, running, walking, whatever way your character is stepping, this pack has it covered.

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Designed to bring Visual Novels to life, Visual Novel Music Vol.1 includes 25 tracks for a variety of moods and situations. An upbeat morning, to resting your head down at night. Getting caught in a silly situation to a sad moment of parting, Visual Novel Music Vol.1 will carry your VN to the end.

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It’s release day, and we’re in the mood for something classic!

And what is more classic than high fantasy RPG SNES Sound!

This week from TK.Projects, we have the Fantasy RPG ME Perfect Collection! 100 Music Effects ready to round out the sound of your game!

 All of these Music Effects are played out in classic SNES Synth style, taking you right back to the days of some of the most iconic and influential RPGs of all time.

Finish out your battles and events with style, with the Fantasy RPG ME Perfect Collection!

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And this week for our deal of the week, to accompany the old school sound effects, why not grab the RMBoy Graphics Pack for 50% off!


Making RPG Shops More Interesting

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With the new release of the TOKIWA GRAPHICS Event BG No.1 and No.2 giving us some great Blacksmith, Tool Shop, and Inn backgrounds, my brain got to thinking about how to make the standard “go in, buy item/rest at inn” parts of town more interesting.

Let’s start at the top, with the Event Graphics No.1’s Blacksmith!

So the humble blacksmith, you go in, you check and see if they have buy new weapons and armor, and you leave.

It gets kind of boring to be honest. So what can we add to it? Well, there is the obvious weapon and armor crafting, where we turn components into new equipment. It’s a good place to put choice on the player, allowing them to decide what type of equipment to make with the materials they have.

But you can also include things like upgrades. You could have each weapon/armor have +1-+5 variants. Maybe most swords just get stronger, but say a sword that drained life could get a stronger affect as  you upgrade it.

On to the tool shop, also from TOKIWA GRAPHICS EVENT BG No.1

The obvious choice for this one is the item equivalent of crafting:: Alchemy. Mixing up potions from various monster parts you found. It’s an easy idea, and while some people don’t enjoy this kind of thing (why would I ever use consumables), it can make a neat boost for players, especially when they have choice in what they make.

But what could we add that is a bit more new? One thing I’ve noticed is that in a lot of games, we run into a lot of sell junk. And sell junk is always sold at a terrible price. What if we had small quests at the Tool Shop for acquiring certain sell junks that are in high demand at the time that give much more money? It would be a way to speed up getting money, while creating diversity in where the player would want to go in the game based on whats in demand.

And finally, the Inn, part of the TOKIWA GRAPHICS Event BG No.2!

In other games, other than healing up, I’ve seen a couple of things with Inns. One was for finding rumors that could unlock more quests (or even just put a quest board in the Inn). Another, that I thought was neat was in Breath of Fire III. You could always camp out, but camping out didn’t get rid of max HP penalties (dying in combat gave your characters a stacking penalty to max HP). Only resting in an inn cleared those.

But what if we worked that from reverse. What if camping worked fine, but when you rested in an Inn, you regained up to 20% more than your max HP and max MP. So if  you had 400 HP and 30 MP, you would heal up to 480/400, 36/30. This would give you an extra little buffer to start your next trip with, letting you get to the next dungeon more than likely with still over 100% health/mp even if you got into a fight or two.

So how would you make the various stops in town more interesting? Tell us in the comments below!


Another release day is here, and this one is HUGE! We don’t just have 1 pack. We don’t even have just 2 packs? 3 packs? No, we have 4 brand new packs for our release day!

Making up the bulk of today’s releases, TOKIWA GRAPHICS has 3 new packs for us today! TOKIWA GRAPHICS Giant Monsters Pack No.1 is the first one we will look at today. This pack will bring 4 giant boss monsters to your game: The Orc, The Manticore, The Kerberos, and The Wraith. All 4 include 4 variations of sideview battler, and 2 variations of walking sprite!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

Second up from TOKIWA GRAPHICS, TOKIWA GRAPHICS Event BG No.1 Blacksmith/Tool Shop! Perfect for adding a little flair to the conversations in certain locations, this pack has two backgrounds for use in events, the Blacksmith, and the Tool Shop. Each comes in 4 variations for time of day.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

And to finish up our packs from the group, TOKIWA GRAPHICS Event BG No.2 Inn! Some more town backgrounds for your game! This time at the Inn. Two images, the common room, and a inn bedroom, again, with 4 variations for time of day!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

And to round out our releases for today with a bit of sound, from TK.Projects, the 8Bit RPG ME Perfect Collection. 100 Music Effects in all of their chiptune glory. With true to the era synthesizer sounds, this pack will transport your players back to the 80s!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

And for our Deal of the Week, let’s continue to make our way around town with the Medieval: Town Bundle for 50% off!


Release Week, and this week, we expand from school, to the city!

Visustella Modern City Vol. 1 expands the style originally used in Visustella School Horror Vol. 1, taking the game from the books, to the streets! Use this pack to expand on your School Horror game, or to start a whole new game!

Featuring a A2-A5 and B-E tileset pieces, Visustella Modern City will make mapping your city a breeze. And then populate it with 100+ character sprites. Bring it to life with cars, trucks, doors, and more animated pieces! And round out the whole game with a new windowskin.

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For our Deal of the Week, maybe add some romance and heartbreak to your RPG with the Love & Sorrow Music Pack, 50% off!


The last release day of May is here. With warm weather on the way for a lot of us, its a good time to be inside working on your game and out of the heat! So let’s see what we have to help you with that today.

If there is one thing that we know there can never be enough of, it’s Character Generator parts! Heroine Character Generator 4 will add 40+ new pieces for you to play with for your female characters. Clothing, hair, accessories, weapons, and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

Whether it’s your first story, or your eightieth, some good modern tunes could be just what you need. My First Story features music for towns, fields, dungeons, battles, and many more, making it the perfect well balanced pack to round out a project!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

And for our deal of the week, you can never have too many monsters for those generated heroines to fight, so pick up Tyler Warren’s Battler Bundle for 50% off!